Palestine is the world’s fastest growing tourist destination

Palestine is the world’s fastest growing tourist destination as it has seen in 2017 a 57.8% rise in international arrivals says Mariam Nabbout in stepFEED citing a new report compiled by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). The report features two other MENA countries in its top ten list. These are Egypt, second and Tunisia, in fifth. The Telegraph amongst several other media reported on the latest trends of worldwide tourism.

Tourism that this morning of August 18, 2017 events have somewhat tarnished further in the city of Barcelona where for months some sort Tourism-phobia was soul-scathingly debated amongst the local politicians.

Would tourism be affected by these unfortunate events?

Most Influential Languages in the World of Today

The WEF published this article written by Kai Chan, Distinguished Fellow, INSEAD Innovation and Policy Initiative on December 2, 2016. It is as per its title about the most influential languages in the world of today with nevertheless an idea of their respective standing in the future. The MENA region with its predominant language that is Arabic is among the lot. However it is as for other parts of the world being subjected to a certain Englishasition to varying degrees in extent and / or penetration. For instance, in the GCC countries’ sectors of government, business and education, health, etc. we could safely say that the widely spread English language derives principally from its effective usage by their populations vast majority of migrant workers. The superficial presence of the French language in the North-West African Maghreb countries is more and more noticed to be dwindling down from the double effect of decades of mediocre Arabisation programmes of education and an opening to the world of Asia and the Pacific countries. These are the most powerful languages in the world . . .