On A Wing And A Prayer

“Are you a passenger on this flight, Madame?”

I looked wearily up from the laden luggage cart I was pushing in the direction of the departure gate to see an airport employee looking at me enquiringly. Shaking my head, I turned the cart around and started back up the long incline to the main airport hall.

Some call it Little Beirut or Little Cairo

The National on August 30, 2018 holds that “Despite recent criticism, the cosmopolitan area is loved by Londoners and tourists alike.”  It previously, back in 2011, explained how “Its every paving stone seemingly filled with shisha smokers, Edgware Road runs between Marble Arch and the Marylebone flyover in central London. Some call it Little Beirut […]

Ramblings of an Arabic Student in Tamazgha

Many tourists come not just for sand baths but also for breath-taking sunsets over Merzouga’s shifting sand dunes in the Moroccan desert. So why are Merzouga’s sands therapy for Tourists ?  This write-up could do well with the following article of one student’s capricious, bumbling, and sometimes fun journey through the Arabic language (with some […]

MENA region originating role in the history of human civilization

The people of the MENA region originating role in the history of human civilization is notably known by being one of the cradles of civilization. The three of the world’s major religions originated in the region — Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. An article of AMEinfo dated January 18, 2018 goes on to show how Egypt […]

Non-oil-exporting MENA countries tourism spreading

There has never been this much talk about tourism and plans to generate revenues through its development in the MENA countries prior to the drastic drop in the price of oil. Non-oil-exporting MENA countries tourism spreading in a certain way with relative success is as of now challenged. That of the oil-exporters countries but with […]