Ethnobotany of medicinal plants in Mascara, Algeria

The Journal of Biodiversity and Environmental Sciences JBES on September 26, 2018 posted an enlightening article on herbal medicine as practiced in North-Africa.  This story is about Ethnobotany of medicinal plants as practised in Mascara, a large agricultural region, 400 kilometers west of the capital city Algiers.  An abstract and introduction of the study are […]

Opportunity in Today’s Construction Technology

Seizing opportunity in today’s construction technology ecosystem By Jose Luis Blanco, Andrew Mullin, Kaustubh Pandya, Matthew Parsons, and Maria Joao Ribeirinho A new analysis of the construction technology ecosystem finds emerging trends, constellations of solutions, and an ever-increasing universe of technology use cases that are disrupting the way we plan, design, and execute projects. After […]

Shale Gas with Petroleum Oil

Qatar Today posted this article on the man who could possibly be the greatest defender of the Petroleum Oil industry success story in the whole of the GCC region. We have in the recent past reviewed and published Shale Gas vs Petroleum Oil on what was then a first reaction to the drop in oil […]

Present & Future Technological Development

Following on Envisaging a Better 2018 or Envisioning any Future  here are excerpts of 2 posts that could easily be merged into one another as they both address amongst many things, the present and future technological development that will undoubtedly imprint our life. Or as put in an MIT Technology Review, these technologies all have staying […]

Integrating Sustainability into Core Functions is Key

Mc Kinsey produced Sustainability’s deepening imprint per a global survey on sustainability as it were in the business world. Their findings are that companies are more active than ever in pursuing sustainability to align with values and engage stakeholders, a new survey shows. To see financial returns, though, integrating sustainability into core functions is key. […]

Environmentally Responsible and Resource-efficient

Per Wikipedia, Green building (also known as green construction or sustainable building) refers to both a structure and the application of processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building’s life-cycle: from planning to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition.

In fact, in the Middle East, concerns for anything green were second to that fundamentally frantic development of buildings and all related infrastructure to nevertheless greater and greater awareness of their various environmental impact.  As a matter of fact, the brunt of all development was and still is located in the Arabian Gulf where carbon footprints of any urban agglomeration were recently assessed to be at critical levels.  Elsewhere in the Middle East apart from the large conurbation of Cairo, Damascus, Bagdad, Beirut, etc. things were less acutely perceived but still not exactly as clear of any criticism as one would have hoped.  Hence this ecoMENA write-up that elaborates fairly well on the subject.