2018 Divestment Year in Review

[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”] [et_pb_row admin_label=”row”] [et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”] From school children to individuals, companies, and corporations, the global fossil fuel divestment movement has challenged the right of the fossil fuel industry to damage the environment. By divesting from fossil fuels, we are requiring polluters to take responsibility for their products and hitting them where it hurts […]

Plastic has become so integral to our lives

We would quote Greenpeace’s ongoing ‘Take Action’ world campaign that started with the rightful words  “ Plastic has become so integral to our lives that we no longer think twice when using it . . .” to introduce their other eye opener article by Jen Fela that follows. Every minute of every day, the equivalent […]

Electric and / or Self-Driving cars and in which part of the World

The oil and gas giant British Petroleum (BP) predicted in a report published last week that although electric cars are increasingly being put on the roads and renewable energy growing at exceptional rates, fossil oil extraction, production, etc. which needless to remind is BP’s main business line, would not only remain in demand but see this latter rise to unprecedented levels. The reason for this unabated level in demand would be according to this report the greater numbers of the Third World countries (cum Emerging) populations reaching levels of prosperity allowing car ownership. The question beside that of the validity of fossil oil demand predicted not to decrease in the future, is which direction the automotive manufacturing industry would take in the same time. Would it be Electric and / or Self-Drive cars and in which part of the World that will be on the roads? And most importantly, which type of energy would be used in which type of vehicle ?
We republish the following Brookings article on driveless cars as these obviously will be marketed mainly in the so-called First World. It is Driverless cars are coming: Here are 8 useful facts about them by Fred Dews. [. . .]

Bracing for the oil, food and financial crash of 2018

This article by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed, Investigative journalist, recovering academic, tracking the Crisis of Civilisation patreon.com/nafeez was published on Medium.com of January 5th, 2017. We republish it for all intents and purposes, above all for its spreading further afield. Bracing for the oil, food and financial crash of 2018 could be as we kick start the young 2017 considered as wise an advice as any. This future as described by Nafeez simply doesn’t work the way we are accustomed to. Indeed “the old, industrial era rules for the dying age of energy and technological super-abundance must be re-written for a new era beyond fossil fuels, beyond endless growth at any environmental cost, beyond debt-driven finance”.
80% of the world’s oil has peaked, and the resulting oil crunch will flatten the economy.
Published by INSURGE INTELLIGENCE, a crowdfunded investigative journalism project for the global commons.
New scientific research suggests that the world faces an imminent oil crunch, which will trigger another financial crisis. A report by HSBC [. . .]

The Future is Not in Fossil Fuels

An article published on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017 by Common Dreams and written by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer is reproduced here for its interest to all concerned in the MENA region countries about the Peak-Oil theory being concretised and that renewable energy would eventually replace all fossil oil based energy production. The author asserts rightly that the Future is Not in Fossil Fuels and that “Solar is also creating jobs at an unprecedented rate, more than in the oil and gas sectors combined, and 12 times faster than the rest of the economy.” Global Economic Realities Confirm, the ‘Future is Not in Fossil Fuels’ While oil and gas companies falter, ‘renewable energy has reached a tipping point,’ says World Economic Forum expert. Underscoring the need for a global shift to a low-carbon economy, a new report finds a record number of U.K. fossil fuel companies went bust in 2016 due to falling oil and gas prices. The Independent reported the analysis from accounting firm Moore Stephens which [. . .]

Prediction for the future of the MENA

here have been so many predictions these last few days. The world’s mass media, written and / or digital apart from few exceptions predicted in their masses that the Clintons will be housed again in the White one upon the Hill. Outside the metaphysical aspect of telling where things will truly be going in the future, be it near or far off, we all who write for a living can occasionally agree on the same thing. The proposed 5 predictions could well be assessed as directly applicable as Prediction for the future of the MENA.
The following is a WEF published on November 10, 2016 article although without the usual precautionary disclaimer(s) about how fossil oil, which would, if however the 5th prediction came to reveal itself as close to the reality in 2030, no doubt make history.
The MENA that since the advent of petroleum oil has never had it so good, but as we all know all good things have an end and as put by Dr A. Mebtoul in his article of October 20th, 2016 and titled Algeria to prepare for Energy Transition where the Professor might as well have be disserting on every single exporting country of the region regardless of the regional, customs, cultual / cultural differences, etc.
5 predictions for energy in 2030
The energy sector has probably undergone