Algeria in Need of Foresight and Adaptation Strategies

A surprising appointment of a New Prime Minister was decided upon yesterday by the presidency of the republic in replacement of the previous three months old government.
Any project is necessarily represented by political, social and economic forces otherwise it would be doomed to failure. The major challenge for Algeria at this conjecture would mean Algeria in need of foresight and adaptation strategies to implement operational instruments capable of identification so as to anticipate changes in the behaviour of the economic, political and social actors at geostrategic level.
There is a dialectic link between development and security, because without sustainable development there is necessarily increase of insecurity that has rising costs. Algeria per the reckoning of many international experts has the full potential, subject to far-reaching reforms, to establish a diversified economy responsible for the creation of sustainable jobs and therefore lead towards more stability not only of the country itself but of the entire region.

Human Brilliance, Ingenuity and Skills will always be needed

A brilliantly educational article of Brad Keywell with our compliments shed some light of what awaiting us in the near future.  This is positively a world where Human Brilliance, Ingenuity and Skills will always be needed. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is about empowering people, not the rise of the machines 14 Jun 2017 The world […]

Knowledge as basis for Algeria’s Development

Knowledge and good governance were found, since time immemorial and at all times, to be the basis for prosperity of civilizations; a country without its elite is like a body without soul. Algeria is no different in that it is knowledge as basis for Algeria’s Development that would enable it transcend this critical phase of its history and hopefully flow to better climes. Recently, hundreds of high school students and thousands of families because our children recount with precision what they have heard or seen, welcomed me on this day I will never forget of December 13th, 2016, at the invitation of that famous high school (Lyceum ex Ardaillan of Oran) of mine, that by the way saw many politicians, scientific and military personalities of renown of all regions of the country pass through its doors, halls and corridors. It is the greatest gift that was given to me after a long career, and it was also a very long time I did not cry, with joy this time, noting a big difference between [. . .]