The French Language in the Future

Nowadays, French is a vibrant, global language, to the point that it is one of the fastest-growing languages in the world. Its wide use in diplomacy, journalism and jurisprudence, and it often being considered the language of culture, makes it one of the world’s most influential languages today.

Refugee and migrant children losing

Today no one ignores that in the MENA region, countries’ education systems amongst others are undergoing difficult times.  Here is a UN’s report review confirming whilst shedding some light on the goings-on. Refugee and migrant children losing over 1.8 million school days, every day – UN report 20 November 2018 Migrants and Refugees Migrant and […]

Importance of Youth Engagement in the MENA Region

Mariam Al Hammadi, director of The Big Heart Foundation, discusses the importance of youth engagement in the MENA region. The interview is reported in a post of CommsMEA dated 16 October 2018. Comment: why investing in our youth is a prerequisite for a peaceful, progressive and sustainable future Here’s a question that keeps me awake […]

Climate change, like Corruption, is a matter of Life or Death

In How corruption affects climate change TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL claimed that Climate change, like Corruption, is a matter of Life or Death and it sees its role in this to help ensure that the  billions of dollars already pledged go where they’re needed. This requires transparency. Chatham House looked at the phenomenon of corruption generally, and at how to combat it. A […]

The first example of how a revolution should be made

“The First example of how a revolution should be made”. This phrase by Emma Goldman, an early advocate of free speech, birth control, feminism, and workers’ rights sums up fairly well the book David Porter devoted to the Spanish social revolution of 1936-1939 titled “Vision on fire: Emma Goldman about the Spanish Revolution”. Although the […]

Translation project to rebuild Science in the Arab World

Paul Braterman, University of Glasgow has written this article on literally a re-enactment of a historical course of events that took place in the Middle East years or rather centuries back. The arguments put forward are doubly important because apart from their obvious meanings here, they send a message that was for various reasons ignored or […]