Qatar crisis impacts on the rest of the MENA region

The “Qatar vs GCC + Egypt” crisis carries on at not only the expense of Qatar but to also all concerned such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain.  We elaborated on this last aspect in our Latest Diplomatic Crisis impacts Dubai City where we anticipated significant losses for Dubai, Riyadh and Manama alike.  Life carrying on unabated, there must surely be drawbacks for everyone during and after this semi-political upheaval between the parties.  The impacts of the Qatar crisis on the rest of the MENA region have yet to be measured and accounted for. 

Following is a Chatham House conference of Qatar’ Foreign Affairs Minister’s response to the 13 points demand of Saudi Arabia and its allies.

Iran elections bearing on renewed business enthusiasts

According to Fresh Business Thinking. an online resource for business owners, directors and entrepreneurs  May 17th will see the next Iranian presidential election – and the result really matters to us in the west more than that of the recent one in France, etc.  In this context of Iran elections bearing on renewed business enthusiasts, […]

France’s presidential elections impacting Algeria

And the prospects of mutual cooperation . . .

The two countries confronted to their specific challenges ought to have a common vision in order to contribute to a prosperous future as based on genuine co-development and not on obscuring the memory of a shared past for long lasting relationships. The recent France’s presidential elections impacting Algeria, are looked at here as positively as they could be in so many years. [ . . . ]

MENA region from ‘the Gulf to the Atlantic’

The World Economic Forum will be meeting in the MENA region this coming May. for as much as it can be mustered in a three day gathering hosted by Jordan at a Dead Sea resort location. It will definitely be quite a change from the high climes of Davos as the different participants will be […]