Ban on all Fossil Fuel-powered Vehicle Sales by 2040

At a time when fossil fuels are being contested and a higher share of more volatile renewables being pushed with the goal of them taking over, the recently declared ban of the Diesel engine car closely followed by a more severe ban on all fossil fuel-powered vehicle sales by 2040 could only mean the adoption of electric vehicles for transportation. This would in turn mean a drastic change in all sectors of trade, industry and above all infrastructure at all levels. More closer to us all, this would put a strain not only on all grid systems starting with of course the electrical one but on every aspects of everyday life.  This state of affairs would affect first and foremost the advanced economies but relatedly and with some time lag all other countries, especially those of the fossil energy source producing countries of the MENA region. 

Storage of Electricity Technologies leaping forward

According to the IEA, all renewable energy industries in 2015 have overtaken the coal ones to become the largest source of global electricity production before adding that this would continue the same way within the foreseeable future and possibly beyond. Production of energy however in this instance electricity is one thing and storing it for […]