4 decades-long dispute over a strip of land bordering the Atlantic Ocean

This article is about one of the least-known and longest-running conflict located at the south-west corner of the MENA region. It is an over 4 decades-long dispute over a strip of land bordering the Atlantic Ocean called Western Sahara. The dispute that turned rapidly into a fully-fledged war of liberation and continual occupation of most […]

Who owns Science and Technology?

The French say “La technologie est neutre ! Tout dépend de l’usage que l’on en fait“, but what about Science? Here is  Rohan Deb Roy, of University of Reading ‘s view on the issue. Not all international collaborations are equal. We selected the above picture of US Army Africa/Flickr, CC BY so as to best  illustrate this […]

Immense Solitude of the new generations of 2 ancient peoples

Now that the political manoeuvres of one and the other have passed, about Jerusalem, let us talk about a simple gesture of a young girl. As in the fatal era of the colonial war against the Algerian people, some French soldiers invaded a house, all heavily armed, without authorization and behaving as arrogant invaders, humiliating […]

Envisaging a Better 2018 or Envisioning any Future

At the time when few days remain before closing this year, envisaging a better 2018 or envisioning any future of any sort could these days be somewhat not easy to apprehend, but nevertheless, here are few thinkers’ views as recalled by Annabel Bligh, The Conversation; Gemma Ware, The Conversation, and Will de Freitas, The Conversation. Anthill […]

Algerian-French Intergovernmental Committee 3rd meet in Paris

An Algerian-French Intergovernmental Committee 3rd meet in Paris : Balance Sheet and Outlook? French President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Algeria last Wednesday is seen by many as a step towards the future and turn the page on the colonial past for good. It is in this spirit that an Algerian-French Intergovernmental Committee 3rd meet in […]

November 1st, 1954 from the people standpoint

One has said and continues to say much on that date. But it seems to me that something was not expressed, at least not sufficiently and not clearly. So, I shall try to make my modest contribution on November 1st, 1954 from the people standpoint . It is not that of a historian nor that […]

Space as a step towards the future

Could the Arabs of all peoples of the MENA region, one day regain their historical inspiration and explore space, wondered Nature Asia. almost at the same time as many were witnessing the United Arab Emirates surprisingly engage into building a Space Program justifying their approach to space as not just about getting into orbit but […]