The Stranger

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Mother died today. Or maybe it was yesterday, I don’t know. Ever since I read this opening line in an online article about best literature opening lines, I have wanted to read The Stranger. The line is so simple and captivating; in just a few words the author caught my attention and…

History Lessons: Alice Zeniter’s ‘The Art of Losing’

The Art of Losing is a visceral book. It does not shy away from writing history in shades of gray, nor does it glamorize those who fought for Algerian independence. The book begins as the FLN (National Liberation Front) is rising in order to drive the French out of Algeria.

Climate Change Fast Growing Threat to World Heritage

The MENA region with its heavy historical background stands very vulnerable to Climate Change Fast Growing Threat. It is elaborated on by the Union of Concerned Scientists’ Adam Markham, deputy director and published in their Climate & Energy Program on July 3, 2018.  Climate Change fast growing threat to World Heritage would at this stage be […]