Iran and its world’s biggest bookstore

This article of the World Economic Forum on one of the development streams of today’s Iran covers perhaps its least known realisation. Iran unlike all other Gulf neighbouring nations having millennia based history knows that for any real development to take hold, only a “knowledge-based economy” could do. In its search for results of tangible socio-economic progress, a decision of the former and recently renewed government is being concretised as a fuller recognition of the role of knowledge and technology in economic growth.  This is Iran and its world’s biggest bookstore as described in the proposed article of the WEF. Knowledge, as based principally on reading could be embodied in this massive investment in an asset meant for sustaining the country’s “human capital” and its enrichment through education and culture. 

Universities can earn Trust and share Power

What is the meaning of universities can earn trust and share power in this day and age? We republish here with our appreciation this interesting article of The Conversation of yesterday that is enlightening on the said question. Please read on and comment if you please. The image above is titled ‘Universities can take a stand’. […]

Europe – North Africa Cooperation in High Education

Europe – North Africa Cooperation in High Education comes in as education in the MENA generally and more specifically in its western half of North Africa has been for some time prioritised with various efforts being made to improve it through notably innovation with a view to creating job opportunities for the youth. Illiteracy however […]

People first judge you based on 2 criteria

Jenna Goudreau published a piece in Business Insider on January 16, 2017 about a Harvard psychologist explaining how People first judge you based on 2 criteria after just meeting. This write up went down very nicely shortly afterwards all around the social media with notable success and thousands of likes and counting. Here is the extended version of […]

Growth Mindset theory in Leadership development

Carol Dweck, Lewis & Virginia Eaton Professor of Psychology at Stanford University and author of Mindset: The New Psychology of Success and Kathleen Hogan, Chief People Officer at Microsoft wrote a piece published on October 7th, 2016 by the Harvard Business Review. Organisations searching for leadership skills and development are more and more turning to adopting Carol Dweck’s Mindset. This article is […]

Three common misconceptions about Dr. Dweck’s growth mindset

Recent advances in neuroscience have shown us that the brain is far more malleable than we ever knew. Research on brain plasticity has shown how connectivity between neurons can change with experience and refering to the article here, we look at three common misconceptions about Dr. Dweck’s growth mindset. [ . . . ]