Taking bold climate action now, could help

The United Nation in its December 5, 2018 blog recommends : Taking bold climate action now, could help save a million lives and a lot of money by the middle of the century, said the World Health Organization (WHO) on Wednesday, launching a special report as part of the ongoing COP24 climate conference in Katowice, […]

The latest IEA World Energy Outlook

All International Energy Agency (IEA) scenarios show renewables growth won’t deliver a climate cure. None of the scenarios in the latest IEA World Energy Outlook show renewables growing fast enough to meet global climate goals is elaborated on by Jason Deign on November 13, 2018. Gloomy Prospects in IEA’s Latest World Energy Outlook   Under current […]

Fossil Fuel demand peaking in the 2020s

Fossil Fuel demand peaking in the 2020s is these days widely and diversely covered in terms of papers for all fossil fuels remains the most lucrative segment in all extractive industries. So, Fossil Fuel demand peaking in the 2020s, after being predicted for sometime, come this time because of the on-going clean energy costs shift […]

Lessons from Recent History of Technology Introductions

Science and Society published an article posted 1 Day Ago by Ron Clutz on all facets of energy transitions throughout modern history. The lessons from recent history of technology introductions should not per Cambridge Professor Michael J. Kelly, be forgotten when considering alternative energy technologies for any carbon dioxide emission reductions. On Energy Transitions These days […]

Climate change losses will continue to grow

After our publishing of Huge Impact of Stranded Fossil Fuel Assets, we would like to reiterate on if the Fossil Fuels lose all their value after worldwide disenchantment with this kind of energy procurement, it will cost the global economy $4 trillion. The “time bomb” due to this “Carbon Bubble” from investment in fossil fuels […]

Right decisions for Renewables progress

Technical News Middle East saying that the ‘ GCC must make right decisions for renewables progress ’ in an article dated Thursday, 07 June 2018 06:17 elaborated on how the GCC states show great promise for renewable energy deployment and to unlock this potential, GCC governments must develop a carefully planned framework and make careful decisions. […]