Massive impact of meat-eating habits on mostly the environment

For some time now, all media have shown that the massive impact of meat-eating habits on mostly the environment, and on climate change in particular need no more any evidencing.  In effect, most studies demonstrated that low-meat diets could reduce the costs of climate change mitigation by as much as 50 per cent by 2050.  […]

Genetic Parameters for yield and its components in Bread Wheat

The civilization of ancient Egypt has always been and still is indebted to the Nile River and its dependable water supply that allowed amongst all staple food crops, wheat and barley to be farmed. These are grown throughout the Delta region and all along the banks of the Nile, more recently in the newly reclaimed […]

Government to help struggling farmers in Qatar

Qatar is a small peninsula covering an area of approximately 11,000 km² off the eastern cost of Saudi Arabia. It has like all countries in the region of the Gulf, the world’s highest daily insolation or sun exposure and irradiation. The country has also few natural underground water resources that are all supplemented by numerous desalination plants. With or despite that, the Government to help struggling farmers in Qatar has to face not only these natural challenges with respect to water scarcity mainly due to unreliable surface and fresh water sources but geopolitical ones as well. These are of having to recently experience it neighbors’ blockade of almost a month and a half on all of its in-trade by air, sea and land. It therefore is now seriously envisaging the development of using its lands as reported on by Shabina Khatri of Doha News.