How To Secure Employee Loyalty In The Middle East

Suhail Al-Masri wrote on June 12th, 2017 on Entrepreneur Middle East about How To Secure Employee Loyalty In The Middle East. This is a very important topic that is often overlooked in the workplace. Please find below the extensive version of the article. Once you have got the best people on board your enterprise, it’s then […]

MENA fast growing youth segment is dominant

The MENA region is made of a variety of countries with in each one there is a variety of “people of many creeds and cultures” and for some differing ethnicity that go historically back for millennia.  These countries do however meet in that, the MENA fast growing youth segment is dominant, increasingly university educated and […]

OPEC, Trump and Gulf Papers trends in May

It is under a title like this “How to get UAE residence visa for your parents in Dubai” in most of the GCC countries major papers that some sort of emigration appears to be underway or at least facilitated. After our daily review of the local press online; a clear OPEC, Trump and Gulf Papers […]

Sold Openly in Modern-day Slave Markets

The Guardian’s  of April 10th, 2017 published an article written by Emma Graham-Harrison on how West African migrants are being bought and sold openly in modern-day slave markets in Libya, survivors have told a UN agency helping them return home. Trafficked people passing through Libya have previously reported violence, extortion and slave labour. But the new […]

After the shock and sorrow come the questions

After the shock and sorrow come the questions as put by The Mirror online this morning. The Mirror goes on :
Were there failings by the security services?
Are we doing enough to detect and monitor those at risk of being radicalised?