20 million Middle East jobs could be automated

McKinsey & Company produced last week a report that revealed that some 20 million Middle East jobs could be automated ; that is 45% of all existing jobs in the Middle East could be affected by the increasing automation in the region’s work environment.  So, is it that 20 million Middle East jobs could be […]

Expatriate Businesses started up across the GCC

All the countries of the GCC have over the years employed expatriate manpower of mainly Asian origin. This working population was needed by the booming economies that have benefitted from a decades long surge and high levels of oil prices related revenues. Relatively good living standards and total absence of income tax followed on and […]

UAE expat remittances reach $35 Billion in 9 months

The United Arab Emirates’ expatriate workers transfer a large portion of their earnings to their families back home. This article of Gulf News published on December 14, 2017 and narrated by Cleofe Maceda, Senior Web Reporter dwells on this segment of the financial life of that country. The same, by the way, goes on in all neighbouring […]

WorldSkills 2017 Competition in Abu Dhabi

The 44th WorldSkills Competition were held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, AbuDhabi, United Arab Emirates from 14 through 19 October 2017. For more information visit worldskillsabudhabi2017.com . As can be seen in the competition results provided in the WorldSkills 2017 Competition in Abu Dhabi site, there is not a single presence of any of […]

Qatari companies send workers on unpaid extended leave

A Technical Committee of the OPEC and 11 non-members are meeting today in Abu Dhabi to as put by the Emirates News Agency http://wam.ae/en/details/1395302626261. They identify ways and means of raising levels of conformity. obviously review and discuss possibilities to reinforce their year old decision to pursue and potentially overhaul their production cut so as to possibly reach their goal of price sustenance if not increase. Meanwhile, a US shale oil surge and the recent crisis among the world’s greatest oil producer countries are certainly not helping the cartel’s future. In Qatar, everyday life because of this crisis is turning sour by the day as witnessed by hundreds of migrant workers. This article on how Qatari companies send workers on unpaid extended leave in order to maintain their businesses alive whilst the Gulf crisis drags on.

If Arab Millennials were different from their Global peers

Most existing research and online content is geared towards understanding Western, specifically American, millennials. As reported by a recent Brookings article that shows that for the first time ever, Millennial and Gen X voters in America outnumbered Boomers and older voters, 69.6 million to 67.9 million. In the Middle East, millennials are mostly ignored, both as consumers and as employees. This is what the World Economic Forum developed in Entrepreneurial, creative, sceptical. The truth about MENA millennials that begins by querying if Arab Millennials were different from their Global peers, its reply is :

Not only are Arab millennials the majority of the region’s consumer base, but they are also, increasingly, taking on leadership positions. Employers in the Middle East need to attract, retain and engage with local millennials in order to be successful in the region. As for marketers, the focus is no longer the region’s wealthiest people, but its booming middle class of 150 million people, most of whom were born in the 80s and 90s.