Expatriate workers continue increasing in the Arabian Gulf

Migrant or expatriate workers continue adding to the labour force of oil-rich Gulf due to mega-construction projects, UN data shows.  Al Jazeera posted this article dated 20 Dec 2018 elaborating on a situation known to all since the advent of oil. Gulf Arab blue-collar workforce continues to grow: UN by James Reinl Blue-collar migrant workers […]

‘Unprecedented change’ as global population booms

RICS warns of ‘unprecedented change’ as global population booms By Oscar Rousseau on November 4, 2018 The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is pushing for greater collaboration in the Middle East to help lower costs, deliver projects more quickly, and resolve protracted disputes. Global chief executive of RICS, Sean Tompkins, calls on governments in the Middle East […]

Funds available to help Refugees and Migrants falling

Efforts to assist the tens of millions who’ve been forced from their homes are being increasingly constrained by severely limited funds, a new report from the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) has warned, urging greater international attention and support. Funds available to help refugees and migrants falling, a UN agency informed last Tuesday, while the […]

EU spending more on border and migration control

Per GOVERNMENT EUROPA posted last June, “Funding for border security, management and migration will increase from a total of €13bn over the period 2014-2020, to €34.9bn over the next budgetary period, from 2021-2027. The increase in funding reflects the need to respond to the growing challenges of irregular migration, security and mobility.” The EU spending more […]

World populations increasing but at different rates

It is well known that the world populations increasing but at different rates do depend on innumerable factors that are all fundamentally tied to their fast and / or slowish development levels. This proposed article dated May 3rd, 2018, focused on mostly the least populated region of the Middle East, i.e. the Gulf countries. Outside […]

Developing Countries and their Diaspora facing up the World

How? Well, here is in The policy brief of The Brookings about how are developing countries and their diaspora facing up the world conjecture of today, Dany Bahar, David M. Rubenstein Fellow – Global Economy and Development and Ernesto Talvi, Director – Brookings Global – CERES Economic and Social Policy in Latin America Initiative take us through […]