Currency traffic: or to differentiate two parallel markets

  The purpose of this contribution is to try and pose the real problem of currency traffic: or how to differentiate two parallel markets . We see both the illegal outflows of hard currencies and the quotation of the Dinar (DZD) intimately linked to the difference between its official quotation and that of the informal […]

Qatar’s competitive economy OK’d by World institutions

Per one of the Gulf’s local media recent publications, Qatar’s competitive economy OK’d by world institutions gets this global endorsement whilst since June last year, the country is still under Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt severed diplomatic, financial and trade links blockade with land, air and sea borders closed. This situation […]

IMF’s alarming report on Algeria’s economy outlook

The release of July 2018 report of the International Monetary Fund calls on the highest authorities to analyse the prospects of the Algerian economy with lucidity according to internal and external constraints and no longer to sail on sight. In July 2018, the IMF’s alarming report on Algeria’s economy outlook, contrary to the views of […]

Trade War is Here: Some of the New “Facts of Life”

Maximilian C. Forte of Zero Anthropology explains how Trade War is Here: Some of the New “Facts of Life” are already not only visible but concern each and every country in the world. Trade War is Here: Some of the New “Facts of Life” In Madeleine Albright’s new book, dramatically titled Fascism: A Warning, she slams […]

India Increased Its Massive 2022 Renewable Energy Target

Almost all countries in the MENA region with of course the oil exporting ones at the front, adopted some policy about installing renewable energy and planned for it, each in its own way. Some are in implementing their schemes,  more successful than others, but none took decidedly the lead. Now that renewable energy makes sense […]

How to Energize the Algiers Bourse ?

The Algiers Bourse or stock exchange, an administrative creation in 1996 seems to be in utter lethargy; the largest Algerian companies such as SONATRACH, state oil company and SONELGAZ, power utility company with several other large public as well as private groups are not listed on it. Knowing that the dynamism of a financial market […]