Impact of Social Media on Traditional Tribal Justice

Facebook and feuds – the impact of social media on traditional tribal justice in Jordan Geoffrey Hughes, University of Exeter There is a saying among Jordan’s Bedouin tribesmen that “prison is loss”. Victims of violence in rural Jordan have told me that they do not want the perpetrator to face prison – but rather the […]

Some countries are far more unequal than others

Three reasons some countries are far more unequal than others Hyejin Kang / Shutterstock Sandy Brian Hager, City, University of London Why do the richest 1% of Americans take 20% of national income, but the richest 1% of Danes only 6%? Why have affluent British people seen their share of national income double since 1980, […]

Ethnobotany of medicinal plants in Mascara

The Journal of Biodiversity and Environmental Sciences JBES on September 26, 2018 posted an enlightening article on herbal medicine as practiced in North-Africa.  This story is about Ethnobotany of medicinal plants as practised in Mascara, a large agricultural region, 400 kilometers west of the capital city Algiers.  An abstract and introduction of the study are […]

Egypt is building a new capital city from scratch

Egypt is building a new capital city from scratch – here’s how to avoid inequality and segregation Nuno Pinto, University of Manchester and Aya Badawy, University of Manchester Egypt is the latest country to build a new capital city from scratch, with ambitions to move parliament away from Cairo as early as summer 2019. With […]

Life conditions of today’s migrants left behind next of kin

BROOKINGS’s FUTURE DEVELOPMENT posted an article written by Milena Nikolova, Carol Graham, and Artjoms Ivlevs about the life conditions of today’s migrants left behind next of kin.  The MENA region is no exception in today’s world where its Gulf countries alone, could count to 85% of migrant workers amongst its population with monthly remittances flowing […]

Donald Trump’s walling up the US manufacturing infrastructure

Mediapart is an independent left-leaning French online investigative and opinion journal created in 2008 by Edwy Plenel, former editor-in-chief of Le Monde. Mediapart, published in French, English and Spanish posted the following article written by AHMED HENNI and dated September 17, 2018, in French. It is all about Donald Trump’s walling up the US manufacturing infrastructure and in so doing is causing concerns all around. […]