Shifting Sands: Why North Africa Is Slowly Decoupling From Europe

Shifting Sands: Why North Africa Is Slowly Decoupling From Europe

Akin to a very slow moving of tectonic plates that never produces something as dramatic as a volcanic eruption or a tsunami, North African countries are undergoing a slow process of strengthening their national sovereignty and diversifying their security and economic partners.

Getting vaccinated for covid-19 in Algiers

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As you might imagine, covid-19 vaccines came later to Algeria than they did to the UK, Europe and the US. The first vaccines officially arrived in January 2021, but the campaign didn’t really start to gain momentum until July. The vaccines available here are also different to those…

Sariza – Épreuve – “Mihna” – Polydor, 1938

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In May 2020, I posted Sariza Cohen’s stunning recording of “أَشْكُوا الْغَـرَامَ”(Ashku al-gharam), released on Polydor in 1938. This is the other side of that record. It is no less remarkable. Here the pianist and vocalist from Oran performs a composition by Algerian Jewish impresario Edmond Nathan Yafil. The title of…

The Brief – Don’t ignore your neighbours

It’s a truism that Europe is unstable if its North African neighbours are unstable. That being so, it should be of some concern to EU leaders that, on the bloc’s south Mediterranean border, Tunisia’s 10-year-old democracy appears to be on life support.

A history of African dust

Interest in African dust began over 50 years ago when it was discovered that it was frequently transported across the Atlantic in great quantities.