The Emperor’s New Clothes

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The instinct to conform and agree with the majority too often outweighs the courage to say what one actually believes. -Greensleeves Hub I have often thought that Algeria was like fairyland. It has a glorious mediterranean landscape, with majestic mountain ranges, hundreds of miles of golden beaches, exquisite colonial architecture,…

Burial Plot

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I strained to look through the airport window at the passengers disembarking from the flight from London, searching for my husband amongst the sea of anonymous faces. The last of the passengers trailed through the sliding doors and there was still no sign of T. In desperation, I went…

Algeria’s interim president rejected by protesters

April 9, 2019 at 7:18 pm | Published in MIDDLE EAST Monitor: Africa, Algeria, News Algeria’s interim president was quickly rejected by thousands of protesters on Tuesday after he was named by parliament to take charge during a volatile transition period after decades of autocratic rule. Replacing long-serving leader Abdelaziz Bouteflika, who resigned last week, […]

Morocco court upholds Hirak movement protesters’ sentences

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A Moroccan court has rejected an appeal against the prison sentences of activists who demonstrated against corruption and unemployment. Dozens of people stood outside the Casablanca court demanding the prisoners’ immediate release ahead of the ruling. The authorities have accused the activists of being separatists. Protests rocked the North African…

Hundreds of Algerian activists marched down Oxford St

“Time to go, and take the generals with you!”

Algerians in London tell Bouteflika. Bymenasolidaritynetwork / 21 hours ago For the sixth week in a row, hundreds of Algerian activists from around the UK joined lively protests in central London in solidarity with the unfolding mass movement in Algeria. After rallying at Marble Arch, they marched down Oxford Street flanked by a convoy of […]

Algeria: protesters renew calls for regime change

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Thousands of Algerians are gathering for the sixth successive Friday of mass anti-government protests. Earlier this week, Lt Gen Ahmed Gaed Salah called for the position of president to made vacant. But opposition parties in Algeria said it would not guarantee free elections. Demonstrations against Mr Bouteflika began last month after…