The Door Ways of Morocco

Originally posted on Life With Janet:
Our trip to Morocco in 2017 was wonderful and we were enthralled by the beautiful art all around us. One of the things that struck me was the beautiful door ways and arches… and this blog post is some small way of sharing the stories that these doors tell.…

Using fossil plant molecules to track down the Green Sahara

Researchers have developed a new concept to explain the phenomenon known as Green Sahara. They demonstrate that a permanent vegetation cover in the Sahara was only possible under two overlapping rainy seasons. Dr. Enno Schefuß of MARUM—Center for Marine Environmental Sciences of the University of Bremen, Dr. Rachid Cheddadi of the University of Montpellier, and their colleagues have now published their study in the journal PNAS.

Informal Cross-Border Trade in Tunisia After 2011

Despite the heavy-handed approach to security that has been adopted at Tunisia’s land borders, informal cross-border trade continues to thrive. Land corridors have been shut down, but the continued dynamic activity in maritime corridors has compensated for this loss, allowing Turkish and Asian consumer goods adapted to the declining purchasing power of the Tunisian population to penetrate local markets.

A rapist never comes alone

Originally posted on blastinfamy:
“The killers and rapists of women in Algeria do not ‘fall’ from the skywhen we encourage Islamist trash TV, the feudal fatwas of the chouyoukh, the media campaigns “you are a man if you veil your women”.