Tunisia: The Progressive Hub of the Arab World — PeaceJoyAustin

Tunisia, arguably the most progressive country in the Arab world, sits in northern Africa halfway between Egypt and Morocco. Like the rest of Northern Africa, it’s far more similar to the Middle East than to sub-Saharan Africa in culture. Out of the 30 countries I’ve been to on my world trip, I would deem Tunisia […] […]

Algeria applied for BRICS group — AFRICA DIPLOMATIC

Brussels 08.11.2022 Algeria has officially applied to join the BRICS economic group, Anadolu News Agency reports. The bloc of emerging economies includes Russia, Brazil, India, China and South Africa. Foreign Ministry official, Leyla Zarruki, said the North African country has requested membership of the economic bloc, the State radio reported. Russia hails Algeria’s decision to […] […]

Oracle ACE Pro Award!

Originally posted on Abdelhalim Hafed's Blog:
oracle-ace-pro-award-abdelhalim-hafedDownload ‘The first in Africa, the only one in Algeria’. I am very happy to share with you my Oracle ACE Pro Award certificate received in recognition of my knowledge and contributions to the Oracle community around the world. It gives me a lot of motivation and encouragement…

Moments in Marrakech | PHOTOS

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A couple of photos from four days, three nights in Marrakech, Morocco. These photos were taken on my Nikon Coolpix. The next photos are a couple shot on my iPhone 12 Pro that I quite enjoy. My favorite subject to snap a moment of is the sky, but the…