Fatima Haddad | Baya Mahieddine (1931-1998)

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Baya Mahieddine (Arabic: باية محي الدين‎) or Fatima Haddad (Arabic: فاطمة حداد‎, born in Bordj El Kiffan on December 12, 1931; died November 9, 1998) was an Algerian artist. While she did not self-identify as belonging to a particular art genre, critics have classified…

Russia Algeria a Trillion dollars waste. Part 3.

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by Scander Safsaf. 10/04/2018. Algerian Freedom Alliance. A Bicephalous Truth By deterrence I meant benefiting from a nuclear one, and applying a form of state coercion also seen as a deterrence. The very “raison d’être” of such security apparatus, beyond the subject of submission, as I will detail later,…

The World’s Most Remote Film Festival

Deep in the Algerian desert, a Sahrawi-run event puts Western Sahara’s struggle for liberation on the big screen. 25 November 2022 The image above is of GOV.UK By Ariel Sophia Bardi, a freelance writer and photographer based in Rome. AUSERD REFUGEE CAMP, Algeria—At about 10 p.m., in the middle of the Sahara desert, just two lights […]