The Challenges of Morocco’s Many Languages Lead to Academic Debate

The Challenges of Morocco’s Many Languages

The Moroccan language debate over Darija, Amazigh, Arabic, French, and English asks which ones should be prioritized for new generations of Moroccan students.
In the meantime, the Challenges of Morocco’s Many Languages Lead to Academic Debate


I have the story… but how to write it?

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Having pondered for a long time on how to write my family’s stories – and mine, I have begun to employ creative non-fiction; I take the outline and then colour it in and add extra details. Yes, I have to make up a lot but the bones are there, and…

Cinema of God: Muslims Memorialize Augustine

The students at Wheaton College were surprised: Wait, Saint Augustine was African? Current Issue May 2019.
Shown the international award-winning Augustine: Son of Her Tears for a freshman seminar that reads his Confessions, they witnessed history brought to life beyond the text, said Sarah Miglio, dean of curriculum.
So did the Muslim actors who depicted the story of the Christian theologian. The cast and creators now want to remind the world—and especially their own people in North Africa—that the church father properly belongs to their heritage.

A Maghreb Union to promote cooperation and economic integration

In 1989, the five Maghreb countries—Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia—established the Arab Maghreb Union to promote cooperation and economic integration. Thirty years later, there is still a largely untapped potential for regional trade among Maghreb countries. Chart of The Week: Expanding Trade Across The Maghreb By Ramzy Al Amine, Jean-François Dauphin, and Alexei Kireyev […]

The Berber Spring

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Vous ne pouvez pas nous tuer. Nous sommes déjà morts. (You can’t kill us. We’re already dead.)  – One of the slogans used during the Berber Spring demonstrations.  In 1978, President Boumèdiene died in somewhat mysterious circumstances. As was usual in Algeria, nothing was known about the personal lives…


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Cool Roofs A new study finds that making rooftops a light-reflective colour can reduce heat-related deaths and cool peak daytime temperatures by more than 3 degrees Celsius during heat waves. Cities store more heat than the surrounding countryside due to the urban heat island effect. This makes cities more susceptible…