Hate Globalisation? Try Localism, not Nationalism

Today, a post of  Kevin Albertson, Manchester Metropolitan University  posed a question that is increasingly relevant to most countries of the European Union. That question is : do you hate globalisation? try localism, not nationalism .  It is to be noted that most elites of countries in the MENA region have reportedly been asking themselves […]

Happy to Welcome back the Blue Planet

Happy to welcome back the Blue Planet, the MENA-Forum is delighted to join the rest of the world in applauding such an endeavour of the quality that we got used to and rarely encountered elsewhere. Per the Wikipedia, The Blue Planet is a British nature documentary series created and produced by the BBC. It premiered on 12 September 2001 […]

Projects that outmanoeuvred Low Oil Prices

The world’s future of oil and gas demand does more and more appear to be tied with that of China and India, as demand from the OECD countries declines. Italy as a typical OECD country never had an oil industry to speak of but did manage to have gone through all the ups and downs […]

WorldSkills 2017 Competition in Abu Dhabi

The 44th WorldSkills Competition were held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, AbuDhabi, United Arab Emirates from 14 through 19 October 2017. For more information visit worldskillsabudhabi2017.com . As can be seen in the competition results provided in the WorldSkills 2017 Competition in Abu Dhabi site, there is not a single presence of any of […]

Britain’s switch to low-carbon energy could boost its economy

At a time when some of the MENA countries are taking drastic measures such as opting for Shale Oil and / or reinforcing their production cut, most other countries are considering all segments of the renewable energy for obvious purposes as agreed upon in the Paris Agreement. In the United Kingdom, many were wondering whether […]

Those seeds from the Fertile Crescent

Mark Schapiro as an investigative journalist specializing in the environment wrote this article for The FERN’S AG INSIDER to bring us this alluring piece of news coming out of Syria for a change. It is about those seeds from the Fertile Crescent coming to the help of the world of hunger. Here it is with our compliments to the publishers..