11th EU and Algeria Association Council Session

Avoiding rushing to the conclusion that a total accumulated loss of $7 billion, was consequent to Algeria’s association with the European Union (EU), we must look long and hard at the amounts of each year loss. According to [ . . . ]

Empire 2.0 for the Brexit from the European Union

The people of Britain voted for a British exit from the European Union (EU) in a historic referendum on 23 June 2016. What does the Brexit as labelled by all, mean for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland countries [ . . . ]

Obligatory Corridors for a French Presidential Candidate

After the US elections back in November of last year, it is the turn to the French ones next May. Emmanuel Macron, a young independent centrist has created some wages whilst on a short visit to Algiers last week. That country over the years with its capital city Algiers became one of the obligatory corridors for a French Presidential candidate. This week, in London, the other pre-election campaign stop-off for the French [ . . . ]

Chancellor Angela Merkel in Algiers on 20 and 21 February

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, calling for closer cooperation with the countries of North Africa, intends to obviously achieve, on the occasion of this visit, more of the security situation in the region and by the same consolidate the economic relations between the 2 countries.

Leader de demain – du troisième type

Gérald Karsenti, président de la filiale française Hewlett Packard Enterprise dans Les Echos du 28 Decembre 2016 a écrit un article sur notre sujet regulier du leadership.  Il s’agit de ce Leader de demain – du troisième type . Voila à quoi ressemblera le leader de demain. Face aux multiples défis économiques, sociétaux, environnementaux, nous aurons besoin de nouveaux leaders. Gerald Karsenti explique en quoi ces derniers seront différents. Plongés au cœur de la 4ème révolution industrielle, avec des startups bousculant l’ordre établi dans tous les secteurs d’activités, nous avons tous un devoir de remise en cause. Face à la déferlante d’innovations, entreprises et gouvernements doivent s’adapter. Des leaders d’un nouveau genre émergent peu à peu pour accompagner ces mutations profondes. Je les ai appelés les “leaders du troisième type”. En quoi sont-ils différents de leurs prédécesseurs ? Avant toute autre chose, ils ne sont plus narcissiques, du moins pas dans la forme dominante. [. . .]

16 events that will shape 2017

AMEinfo came up with this formidable vision of next year titled 16 events that will shape 2017; we could not help but reproduce it here all for the benefit of our readers. All comments are welcome but we would advise to address direct to AMEinfo with nevertheless a copy to MENA-Forum.
AMEinfo, is a well known and reliable middle east online medium of information.
Historically as per Wikipedia, AMEinfo.com was initially Arabian Modern Equipment Est., incorporated in Abu Dhabi, in February 1993 by Saif Al-Suwaidi and Klaus Lovgreen. The first version of the AME Info CD-ROM database of 125,000 companies was developed and compiled late 1996 and sold some 10,000 copies.
The listing of the events as proposed by AMEinfo summed up thus.
Many events of 2016 will have repercussions spilling over into 2017
Positive impacts include Saudi Vision 2030, OPEC deal
The fallout of Trump’s presidency, JASTA law, Italy referendum, etc. remain to be seenThe year 2016 was eventful, to say the least, with the world shaken by several momentous events whose repercussions will spill over into 2017. [. . .]

Net Migration to the UK is at an all-time High

The BBC today reported that net migration to the UK is at an all-time high, reaching 330,000 in the year to March, the Office for National Statistics has said. The figure – the difference between the number entering the country and those leaving – is more than three times higher than the government’s target. McKinsey has produced this article on the topic of migration of people within their own countries and / or from one country onto another for reasons that are very often quite understandable. As per this article and with reference to McKinsey’s proposed graph sourced through the UN Dept. of Economic and Social Affairs and others, one can see that with respect to movement of populations, globalisation as it were of people is definitely at work. Global migration’s impact and opportunity By Jonathan Woetzel, Anu Madgavkar, Khaled Rifai, Frank Mattern, Jacques Bughin, James Manyika, Tarek Elmasry, Amadeo Di Lodovico, and Ashwin Hasyagar Migration has become a flashpoint for debate in many countries. But McKinsey Global Institute research finds that it generates . . .