UAE tops MENA for wage equality, but . . .

GULF BUSINESS Economy posted this enlightening article by Aarti Nagraj on how It will take the MENA economies “153 years to close the gender gap at the current rate of change” UAE tops MENA for wage equality, Arab region remains world’s least gender-equal The UAE has been ranked as the top country in the Middle […]

MENA personal care sector set for growth

MENA personal care sector set for 8.5% growth: study The beauty and personal care industry in the MENA region, valued at $15.9 billion, is set to grow twice as faster than the rest of the world with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.5 per cent in the next three years, a report said. […]

Arab women outnumber men in pursuing university degrees, but . . .

Arab women outnumber men in pursuing university degrees, but . . .

This article was written by Kelly Ommundsen, Community Lead, Digital Economy and Society System Initiative, World Economic Forum and Khaled Kteily, Founder and CEO, Legacy posted on the World Economic Forum of July 21, 2018, does bring to the fore only what has been happening throughout the MENA region’s diverse youth. Urbanised as never before, […]

Saudi Arabia lifted its ban on women driving: economic necessity

The real reason Saudi Arabia lifted its ban on women driving: economic necessity Martin Hvidt, University of Southern Denmark After years of campaigning by women activists, on June 24 the ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia will be lifted. It is the most visible of a bundle of recent initiatives taken by the Saudi […]

Positive Steps towards more Freedom of Women’s Movements

Rebecca Wright, of Sheffield Hallam University wrote this article on how since women in Great Britain and else where in the western world got the right to vote, things have developed worldwide. 6 world spots were zoomed in with amongst the countries of the MENA, Saudi Arabia that as reported has lately been witnessed to […]

Arab countries continuing reforms to promote inclusive growth

An article of Asharq Al Awsat Marrakesh, Morocco by Heba El Koudsy followed by another by Abdul-Kabeer Al-Manawi and Hassan Moqna reading would give a pretty clear idea of how concerned certain governments and elites of the MENA in procuring employment to the increasingly populous and educated youth of their respective countries whilst “the importance […]