Human-caused Climate Change is a major global threat

How Big Oil distorts climate change reality with tweaks in language   Sylvia Jaworska, of University of Reading explains that : Almost every climate scientist agrees human-caused climate change is a major global threat. Yet, despite efforts over the past 30 years to do something about it, emissions keep increasing. Any successful coordinated international response […]

Would Peak Oil and / or Peak Demand make any difference

The Guardian of September 27, 2013 reporting on the  Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that concluded with it would take 30 years to climate calamity if we carry on blowing the carbon budget knowing that the world’s “carbon budget” was one of the most striking findings of the IPCC’s calculations todate. Would Peak Oil and / or Peak Demand make any difference to any outcome to that?

As a good captain of industry, Elon Musk tried and still is trying to turn this into an opportunity.  Here he is relating to the owners of those geological assets cause of this calamity in the making.

The end of ever-rising consumption of Oil is in sight.

Donald Trump has just left Saudi Arabia for Israel with a $350 billion worth of contracts under his arm.  One wonders if he would gather as much in the latter country.  In any case, the president of the USA seems to have tabled a lot of his plans if not all on getting America’s manufacturing, […]

Thousands Marching for Native Nations

The Native Nations Rise march was the culmination of a week of workshops, actions, and prayers to battle for native rights in the face of the right-wing Trump administration and the ongoing fight. [ . . . ]

Agreement of the United States to the COP21 understanding

Donald Trump’s seemed to have taken the US and the world alike by surprise. His victory early this month in the elections, should not be considered a failure for globalization, which the US could historically be taken as the initiator of the system which it has sold to the world. The Republican has had the courage to denounce the effects of the globalized financial system on the people and the economy of their country. It is an event of great significance. Apart from that, Donald Trump, a real estate billionaire, had also in one his campaigns declared, that he will cancel the Agreement of the United States to the COP21 understanding. Since then, the talk of the town whether after the president elect’s investiture next January, is about whether this will seriously be addressed or left on the wayside. The proposed article draws on many of the much talked about aspects of the threatened COP21 Agreement.
Our political beliefs predict how we feel about climate change The man who called global warming . . . .