Christmas festivities in Bethlehem

Bethlehem, West Bank (AP) – Palestinians are preparing to host pilgrims from around the world in celebrating Christmas in the West Bank city of Bethlehem. Archbishop Pierbattista Pizzaballa, the top Roman Catholic cleric in the Holy Land, crossed an Israeli military checkpoint from Jerusalem on Monday ahead of midnight Mass at the Church of the […]

Barring all Palestinians from Investing in their Country

It is ironic that a country that was masterminded after the Great War as one to receive all dispersed Arab populations of Palestine (1) to make room for the yet to be born Jewish homeland as Israel should not have second thoughts in barring all Palestinians from investing in their country by preventing their contribution and participation in any enterprise on its territory.
Al Monitor’s PALESTINE PULSE in an article written by Adnan Abu Amer is summarised as follows :
Jordan reportedly excluded Palestinian investors from the West Bank from investing inside the kingdom, which some analysts link to the talks about finding a solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, namely by creating a Jordanian-Palestinian confederation.

Middle East 1 in 20 displaced people from their homes

As highlighted in this WEF latest article written by Emma Luxton, Formative Content, on human displacements in the world, most are from the north-east end of the MENA region. This is due principally to a certain lack of good governance that is coupled to and / or consequent to the prevailing historically defined under-development of the majority of the nation states of the region. The title of the WEF quotes 1 in 100 but adds later on in the article that in the Middle East 1 in 20 displaced people from their homes is the current picture.
One objection, though, could be the huge numbers of expatriate workers displaced from their original homes in south Asia, the Philippines, Nepal, etc. and number up to 90% of some of the GCC countries are also displaced for this time obvious economic reasons. Would not they count as displaced as well? Meantime [. . .]
Nearly 1 in 100 people worldwide have been driven away from their homes