Saudi Arabia doubly bonded on Oil Prices and prevailing, but

Chatham House published on 31 July 2018 this article of Jessica Obeid, Academy Fellow, Energy, Environment and Resources Department on how Saudi Arabia doubly bonded on oil prices and prevailing, but only to find that this is not enough, because it seems to realise that its most significant challenge when it comes to balancing production, prices and […]

What happens when the carbon bubble pops?

This article by daryan12 posted on June 25, 2018 would want to be an answer to this pertinent question of What happens when the carbon bubble pops?  One of the issues regarding energy that often gets missed is the financial implications of the transition away from fossil fuels. With assets worth many trillions of dollars, which […]

OPEC convening on Friday June 22, 2018 to set output

OPEC convening on Friday June 22, 2018 to set output policy in a would-be regular meeting like all those that have been taking place since last year, to try and control the oil market is said this time to mean relaxation of production cuts. Other members like Iran, Iraq, Venezuela and Algeria have already voiced […]

Prospects for OPEC’s June 22nd, 2018 meeting

What prospects for OPEC’s June 22nd, 2018 meeting would be expected when Saudi and Russian oil ministers multiply statements since their meeting at the inaugural opening of the World Cup games. The Russian minister finding that the increase in OPEC and non-OPEC production, to 1.5 million barrels would be ” Inevitable “; the balance price not to exceed […]

Re-activating Algeria’s National Energy Council

 Algeria has the institutions that it needs to energize if it wants a State with the rule of Law; a sine qua non condition for a sustainable development and above all for its credibility at both national and international levels. Could Re-activating Algeria’s National Energy Council for a robust energy strategy be an absolute necessity and […]

Dumping fossil fuels by 2050 needed to save climate

Dumping fossil fuels by 2050 needed to save climate was some sort of a statement that was declared by this prominent  American economist last week at a conference in Nicosia,  Cyprus. Per an epidermic reaction to this announcement, would be regarding the remaining 32 years, specifically as what to do until then.  Getting rid of […]

“I want a strategy for SONATRACH; it never had one before”

The country facing a noticeable fall in oil prices related fiscal revenues has recently engaged into an attempt to accommodate a more flexible approach to somehow help it gather the interest of potential investors. Speaking about the need for a proper strategy for its oil industry sector, the head of its state-owned oil and gas […]