OPEC convening on Friday June 22, 2018 to set output

OPEC convening on Friday June 22, 2018 to set output policy in a would-be regular meeting like all those that have been taking place since last year, to try and control the oil market is said this time to mean relaxation of production cuts. Other members like Iran, Iraq, Venezuela and Algeria have already voiced […]

Re-activating Algeria’s National Energy Council

 Algeria has the institutions that it needs to energize if it wants a State with the rule of Law; a sine qua non condition for a sustainable development and above all for its credibility at both national and international levels. Could Re-activating Algeria’s National Energy Council for a robust energy strategy be an absolute necessity and […]

“I want a strategy for SONATRACH; it never had one before”

The country facing a noticeable fall in oil prices related fiscal revenues has recently engaged into an attempt to accommodate a more flexible approach to somehow help it gather the interest of potential investors. Speaking about the need for a proper strategy for its oil industry sector, the head of its state-owned oil and gas […]

Ten reasons for oil prices to be higher than $60 per barrel

The latest report of the World Bank anticipated an increase in the rate of growth of Algeria’s economy but it also reckons that it would still be drawn back by its large public expenditure through notably its newly adopted unconventional financing. It should  rather opt for a transitional mean of development, with sustainable growth to […]

How fair the Price of a Barrel of Oil is now

Further to our article on “The Vienna agreement and the Oil & Gas 2017 / 2030 prospects” posted on October 29, 2017, we follow on the same subject of oil prices rising to their highest in a long time. All rentier economies of the MENA region would of course be delighted with the news of […]

Going for Shale Oil and Gas in Algeria

The Prime Minister in a statement on October 1st, 2017 to the National Assembly has indicated that going for Shale Oil and Gas in Algeria is an option for the immediate future.  Opportunities and Risks of fracking  I remember that under my supervision, a study to which participated international experts with decades of experience in […]

Goodbye Petrol, Hello Tesla

At a time when most car manufacturers are one after the other starting to, like for all of us, to realise and take for some of them the decision that soon every car launched will have an electric motor, there subsists doubts as to human activities have a bearing on the planet. Meanwhile scientists say the world may have already missed its chance to avoid catastrophic levels of global warming, according to a number of new research. But it is never too late and to reinforce what everyone knows perhaps instinctively, EVANNEX published an interesting post titled Goodbye Petrol, Hello Tesla written by Matt Pressman commenting a recent article of The Economist titled The death of the internal combustion engine, posted on August 15, 2017 of which we republished some excerpts here below.