Size of Hydrocarbons Related Exports Revenues

The MENA region countries are made of two types of countries, those of oil and gas producers and those that are not. In the first group, countries are ranked according to the size of their gross domestic product, taken as such or as per its capita version. Other means of sizing up economies have been conjured up over time, but most importantly, it was the need to look closer into each economy and try to discern any prevailing trend that caught on.  This notion of ranking as proposed by Statista on August 1, 2017  according to the size of hydrocarbons related exports revenues has lately become some sort of normative piece of knowledge from amongst the digital data plethora of today.

Saudi’s riches conceal lack of decision making

Saudi’s riches conceal lack of decision making on every single item of the country’s main current worrisome concerns. For instance, in Keep OPEC out of Wall Street published by Journal of Energy Security of July 19, 2017, we were informed that for the past several months two of the world’s leading stock exchanges – the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the London Stock Exchange (LSE) – have been competing over the listing of Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia’s national oil company, in what would be the largest IPO in history. 

Oman’s Miraah Project uses Solar Energy

In order to keep ourselves abreast of our recently published article on solar power development, we propose this article of a Gulf daily, the Times of Oman.  It does elaborate on an exceptional project not only by its size but also because of its ground-breaking technology utilisation. 
The Oman’s Miraah project uses solar energy to produce steam to tap into the country’s heavy oil reserves.

Demand May Top Out Before Supply Does

France, Norway, Sweden headquartered Volvo are all about to do away with the use of anything to do with fossil oil. Such momentous decisions amongst others tend to vulgarise as it were all renewable forms of energy.  Meanwhile, there has been over the years so much talk and speculation about oil peaking this or that year, that up to recently, scepticism prevailing, everyone went about one’s business fairly insouciant that as put by Javier Blas, writer of the proposed article of Bloomberg; “Some Big Oil executives expect demand for the commodity to shrink faster than anticipated, with dire consequences for Middle East producers.”  Would It then matter as and when demand may top out before supply does or is it perhaps the other way around.

Qatar Crisis that is Widening by the Day

This is the 5th day MENA-Forum is dedicated to the Qatar Crisis that is Widening by the Day and getting to be centre stage despite what is happening elsewhere in the MENA region.  A border closed between Morocco and Algeria, Libya ruled by 2 governments, the Palestinian territories lead by 2 separate peoples organisations, Somalia […]

Crises between Qatar and its Neighbours

For many, crises between Qatar and its neighbours severing all diplomatic, trans border air, land and sea transportation and diplomatic representation could possibly lead to a schism in the Gulf and as a consequence to potential disruption in the supply of Oil & Gas to the rest of the world. in the meantime, well informed personalities are calling for the US to come into the arena so as to mediate unless these prefer to leave it to Russia and / or Iran to move in. Trump dives into Qatar feud, but will America follow him ? Wonders Brian Whitaker in al-bab.

QATAR, the tiny Emirate accused of convenience with . . .

On Monday, June 5, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Yemen, Bahrain, Egypt and the Maldives decided to sever their diplomatic relations with Qatar.  They suddenly decided  that QATAR, the tiny Emirate accused of convenience with . . . Iran and Islamist movements, the two main sources of destabilization in the region according to them, was to […]