Going for Shale Oil and Gas in Algeria

The Prime Minister in a statement on October 1st, 2017 to the National Assembly has indicated that going for Shale Oil and Gas in Algeria is an option for the immediate future.  Opportunities and Risks of fracking  I remember that under my supervision, a study to which participated international experts with decades of experience in […]

Goodbye Petrol, Hello Tesla

At a time when most car manufacturers are one after the other starting to, like for all of us, to realise and take for some of them the decision that soon every car launched will have an electric motor, there subsists doubts as to human activities have a bearing on the planet. Meanwhile scientists say the world may have already missed its chance to avoid catastrophic levels of global warming, according to a number of new research. But it is never too late and to reinforce what everyone knows perhaps instinctively, EVANNEX published an interesting post titled Goodbye Petrol, Hello Tesla written by Matt Pressman commenting a recent article of The Economist titled The death of the internal combustion engine, posted on August 15, 2017 of which we republished some excerpts here below. 

Would Peak Oil and / or Peak Demand make any difference

The Guardian of September 27, 2013 reporting on the  Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that concluded with it would take 30 years to climate calamity if we carry on blowing the carbon budget knowing that the world’s “carbon budget” was one of the most striking findings of the IPCC’s calculations todate. Would Peak Oil and / or Peak Demand make any difference to any outcome to that?

As a good captain of industry, Elon Musk tried and still is trying to turn this into an opportunity.  Here he is relating to the owners of those geological assets cause of this calamity in the making.

Hidden consequence of Saudi Arabia’s Oil Price war

Life is unjust as many have heard it over the centuries.  Hidden consequence of Saudi Arabia’s Oil Price war is yet again another story on how, miscalculations and certain imponderables make life certainly not that agreeable for a third party.  This is nicely wrapped up by Bulent Gökay, Professor of International Relations, Keele University in The Conversation and widely spread in the world media. Here is the Venezuela crisis that is the hidden consequence of Saudi Arabia’s oil price war .

Size of Hydrocarbons Related Exports Revenues

The MENA region countries are made of two types of countries, those of oil and gas producers and those that are not. In the first group, countries are ranked according to the size of their gross domestic product, taken as such or as per its capita version. Other means of sizing up economies have been conjured up over time, but most importantly, it was the need to look closer into each economy and try to discern any prevailing trend that caught on.  This notion of ranking as proposed by Statista on August 1, 2017  according to the size of hydrocarbons related exports revenues has lately become some sort of normative piece of knowledge from amongst the digital data plethora of today.

The Industry of the Future & the Future of the Industry

Believe in the industry of the Future and the Future of the Industry was a Report to the French Government on the impact of the Fourth World Economic Revolution is believed to be as relevant to the new Algerian growth model global geostrategic challenges of 2030 as it is to that of France itself. 

Hoping for a concrete application and meaning for the well-being of Algeria, I have with few experts worked free of charge, on what I was and still am advocating the reasonable solution of deep reforms, as always taking into account the social reality.

Several international media have recently asked me about Algeria and its economic choices that affect its future sustainable growth, taking account all of the geostrategic changes that lie ahead between 2020 and 2030. My reply was that I have discussed the very topic between 2010 and 2016.  Would these be applied by the new Government, I wondered ?

Saudisation means limiting all expatriates’ employment

Saudi Arabia unlike all its partners within the GCC and for many in the world would have been a terrible country, were it not for it to have been sitting on one of the world’s largest reserves of fossil oil.  Moreover and, according to western common knowledge, it sponsors a strong feeling-filled version of Islam that is conducive to all sorts of redicalisation.  And it denies its citizens whether nationals and / or resident expatriates many basic rights.  Here is a good example in an article written by Ahmed Al-Arfaj of Al-Madina published on Saudi Gazette of July 2, 2017.  It is about that other aspect of the country where a Saudisation means limiting all expatriates’ employment is being proposed.  Expatriates accounted in 2014 for little less than 33% of the country’s 30 million inhabitants.

Qatar’s standoff with its neighbours is turning sour by the hour as the ultimatum of a month has elapsed.  An extra 48 hours was granted though but it is believed would not alter anything in the blockaded country’s stance.

Meanwhile, it’s no secret for anyone that the oil and gas markets are at a critical turning point.  Shale gas of the US has completely disrupted the dynamic in the market, brought prices crashing down.  Natural Gas of Qatar as a palliative and / or a cleaner substitute would presumably anchor those prices at a level that would prevent any up movement.