Global Warming

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Oases Dry Up – Morocco Residents of the oasis of Alnif say they can’t remember a drought this bad: The land is dry. Some wells are empty. Palm groves that date back more than 100 years are barren. Home to centuries-old oases that have been a trademark of Morocco, this…

Russia Algeria a Trillion dollars waste. Part 3.

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by Scander Safsaf. 10/04/2018. Algerian Freedom Alliance. A Bicephalous Truth By deterrence I meant benefiting from a nuclear one, and applying a form of state coercion also seen as a deterrence. The very “raison d’être” of such security apparatus, beyond the subject of submission, as I will detail later,…

Tunisia: The Progressive Hub of the Arab World — PeaceJoyAustin

Tunisia, arguably the most progressive country in the Arab world, sits in northern Africa halfway between Egypt and Morocco. Like the rest of Northern Africa, it’s far more similar to the Middle East than to sub-Saharan Africa in culture. Out of the 30 countries I’ve been to on my world trip, I would deem Tunisia […] […]