Hostels in Morocco

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personal experience – kammy hostel in Marrakesh Kammy Hostel is centrally located right outside of the labrynth of bazaars and souks. There are no doors to the rooms, and no lockers. However, there is a nice sense of community that convincingly reassures travelers that their belongings are safe.…

6 Teas of the Middle East & North Africa

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The Middle East & North Africa have some of the oldest trade routes in the world, ferrying spices from all corners of the world. As the crossroads of history & civilizations, the region has cultivated a rich tea culture. Here are a few of the most popular teas of the…

Nomads of the Algerian steppe no longer

Nomads of the Algerian steppe no longer

The residents of El Guedid near Djelfa no longer move with the seasons as Algeria’s reduced rainfall cannot sustain grazing along the pastoral routes and mechanised farming has overworked the land.