Summit of the western Mediterranean countries

Stability at the regional level and intensification of all partnership, for a lake of peace and shared prosperity. After the mixed impacts of the Barcelona Agreement and the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) activities, a summit of the western Mediterranean countries as a significant meeting will be held on 24 June 2019 in France to […]

Gulf within GCC forever widening

M. K. Bhadrakumar in his article reproduced below, courtesy to Indian summarises all Indians residents’ concerns over the current goings-on in the countries of the Gulf. As a majority if not the highest per cent (refer graph below) of non-national residents, can only watch and meditate while witnessing a Gulf within GCC forever widening […]

COP24 : to negotiate the World’s response to Climate Change

World leaders are gathering in Katowice, Poland (above image of COP24 venue Spodek arena in Katowice, Poland. Milosz Maslanka/Shutterstock), to negotiate the world’s response to climate change. The 24th Conference of the Parties (COP24) will last from December 3-14 and its primary aim is to reach agreement on how the Paris Agreement of 2015 will […]

2nd edition of the International Conference of African Organisations

Migration crisis in Africa; challenges, issues and perspectives This contribution is a synthesis of my intervention following the invitation of the organizers of the provisional programme of the 2nd edition of the International Conference of African Organisations and all members of the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), that is held at the ‘Centre International […]

The long awaited COP23 Climate Change conference talks

This morning, start the long awaited COP23 climate change conference talks.  Will it be up to the high expectancy of the world’s green elites? Or will it be yet another of their heavily hyped up gatherings? In any case here is an article written by Matthew Paterson and Marc Hudson, both of the University of Manchester […]

Qatar crisis impacts on the rest of the MENA region

The “Qatar vs GCC + Egypt” crisis carries on at not only the expense of Qatar but to also all concerned such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain.  We elaborated on this last aspect in our Latest Diplomatic Crisis impacts Dubai City where we anticipated significant losses for Dubai, Riyadh and Manama alike.  Life carrying on unabated, there must surely be drawbacks for everyone during and after this semi-political upheaval between the parties.  The impacts of the Qatar crisis on the rest of the MENA region have yet to be measured and accounted for. 

Following is a Chatham House conference of Qatar’ Foreign Affairs Minister’s response to the 13 points demand of Saudi Arabia and its allies.