Biblical land: One for “two peoples and three religions

Today is Christmas Day and the whole world is commemorating the anniversary of the birth of the most illustrious and celebrated man that the MENA region had given life to. This man known as Jesus Christ born amongst the poorest and the weakest at the time, stood against oppression of the rich and the powerful. […]

WorldSkills 2017 Competition in Abu Dhabi

The 44th WorldSkills Competition were held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, AbuDhabi, United Arab Emirates from 14 through 19 October 2017. For more information visit . As can be seen in the competition results provided in the WorldSkills 2017 Competition in Abu Dhabi site, there is not a single presence of any of […]

Decreasing Number of Sub-Saharan Students in Tunisia

The number of tourists that visited Tunisia thus far in 2017 reached 4.58 million according to the Tunisian Ministry of Tourism in a statement reported by the local media. The Tunisian radio did not specify, however, what was the rate of tourism growth compared to the same period of last year. According to FM Radio Express, tourists from neighbouring countries numbered 1.45 million of this overall figure, or 60.7% more compared to 2016. Up by 16%, the increase in the number of European tourists is also substantial, per the Tunisian Ministry of Tourism of the anticipated total 6.5 million tourists this year. These statistics were however objected to in Tunisia where some observers noted that these included all non-residents, i.e. Tunisians living abroad as well as a decreasing number of sub-Saharan students in Tunisia. Wagdy Sawahel, in a University World News of September 1st, 2017, Issue No:472  elaborates on this particular segment . . .

Egyptian Women in the Informatics Coding Industry

An article of Menna A. Farouk @MennaFrouk91 posted on Al Monitor of August 28, 2017 is about girl’s education in Egypt. The author who as an Egyptian journalist writing about social, political and cultural issues in Egypt touched here on what is perhaps one of the most critical aspect of life in Egypt of today. It is about a technical school trying to increase the number of Egyptian women in the informatics coding industry.
Questions such as whether “social mixity” and “better schools” in Europe were antinomic objectives remain to date unanswered; in Egypt, it seems that some sort of an answer to this question was formulated per this school opening. Is this allegory sustainable? We would like to argue that it is at least debatable. Thoughts?

Four Questions to Ask if You Want to Lead Effectively

Ken Downer, in his RapidStart Leadership Blog, Take Action, Written Blog wrote that “Whether it’s your first leadership position or your fifty-first, taking over can be a challenging business”.  He does give the Four Questions to Ask if You Want to Lead Effectively. Hi key to success is “Don’t start out by answering questions; start by asking them”. […]

10 Characteristics of Great Leaders

[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”] [et_pb_row admin_label=”row”] [et_pb_column type=”4_4″] [et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”] According to Georges Couros in his blog (see here, published June 8th, 2017), leadership is not “an easy endeavor”. In this post, the author describes 10 characteristics of great leaders or as those that a good leader should have. Here is below the extensive text.