‘Bring to life’ any audio-visual recordings

Audiovisual Heritage of the UN News came up with this call to action for all to try and ‘bring to life’ any audio-visual recordings of their life, be it private or public, all presumably for posterity’s sake.   ‘Bring to life’ precious moments caught on film or tape, UN agency urges on World Day 26 […]

Should Universities lower entry grades for disadvantaged Students?

Students from less advantaged backgrounds are grossly underrepresented in Britain’s top universities. This underrepresentation of certain groups is particularly pronounced in highly competitive courses such as medicine. In England, for example, 80% of medical students come from just 20% of the country’s secondary schools. This leads to a profession dominated by certain demographic groups. A-level […]

Who owns Science and Technology?

The French say “La technologie est neutre ! Tout dépend de l’usage que l’on en fait“, but what about Science? Here is  Rohan Deb Roy, of University of Reading ‘s view on the issue. Not all international collaborations are equal. We selected the above picture of US Army Africa/Flickr, CC BY so as to best  illustrate this […]

Top 10 universities in the Arab World region

THE (Times Higher Education) World University Rankings 2018 list the top 1,000 universities in the world, making it the biggest international league table to date. Ad Hoc excerpts of this report are reproduced here below for their further spread in the MENA region. Top 10 universities in the Arab World region were looked at separately as THE […]

The Higher Education Trap

Morocco’s universities are providing too many graduates for too few jobs, says Martin Rose in an article published on Chatham House’s website.  It is about how the Universities and the higher education trap that is getting increasingly tight for the greater number of Moroccan youth. This situation would not be specific to this country only […]

Digital Literacy only through Digital Citizenship

We couldn’t find better read to start the New Year than with THE EDVOCATE’s article dated December 30, 2017 on Digital literacy only through Digital citizenship. THE EDVOCATE is a website devoted to advocating for education equity, reform, and innovation. The MENA countries’ education establishments could do well to meditate on what is put forward […]