Problematic of the profitability of car assembly plants in Algeria

10 (ten) Strategic management questions. “This is not an Algerian production, because more than 90% of the assembled kits are imported for the cars assembly plants… An integration rate of at least 40% is required in order to be able to speak truly of domestic production“: Ahmed Ouyahia, Prime Minister at the inauguration of the […]

The Arab world in attracting Foreign Direct Investment

WAM, the Emirates News Agency posted this article April 8th, 2018 about the UAE with the second-largest Arab economy, is leading the Arab world in attracting Foreign Direct Investment, (FDI). It is known that Dubai leads Arab start-ups but the recent Saudi Arabian reforms being engaged in the non-oil local activities may possibly alter that. […]

Developing Countries and their Diaspora facing up the World

How? Well, here is in The policy brief of The Brookings about how are developing countries and their diaspora facing up the world conjecture of today, Dany Bahar, David M. Rubenstein Fellow – Global Economy and Development and Ernesto Talvi, Director – Brookings Global – CERES Economic and Social Policy in Latin America Initiative take us through […]

The GCC migrant domestic workers

Out of all the MENA countries, the GCC migrant domestic workers, mainly in the UAE and Qatar where together with their outdoor counterpart such as drivers and / or other domestic helpers form almost the majority of all expatriate workers. Elsewhere in the GCC, the situation though practically similar, would be less acute in terms […]

‘Can the nation state survive?’

From one of the latest Chatham House’s essays, we captured this excerpt from a recent article on whether the notion of nation state has still any future as time passes. In this article started by a recall of a speech to the United Nations in September, of Donald Trump who called for a ‘great reawakening […]

Slavery in today’s MENA and in the World

THE GLOBAL SLAVERY INDEX 2016 published this information page “as violent conflict escalates and political, economic, social and security spill overs destabilise many countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), the profile of victims vulnerable to modern slavery has shifted. Though MENA continues to act as a destination for men and women from […]