The robot is becoming an integral part of the global economy

Chase Johnson, senior at Colgate University majoring in History and minoring in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies wrote this article published on July 13, 2015 on about the prospects of robots and how as he put it: “ The robot is becoming an integral part of the global economy. [ . . . ]

Algeria’s accession to the World Trade Organisation

in the face of domestic and international constraints . . .
Per the official Algerian Customs statistics, in 2016, China is the leading provider of Algeria, with a market share of close to 18% and US$8.396 billion.  France comes second with $4.744 billion and a share of 10%, followed by Italy with $4.642 billion and 9.93%. Spain and Germany are respectively in the 4th and 5th position in this ranking, with $3.595 and $3.009 billion.  In the top 10, there are also Turkey (7th), Brazil (9th) and South Korea (10th).
If China is the big beneficiary of the explosion of the Algerian import bill, the deficit in trade between the two countries is huge between 2007 and 2016 all while official reviews were still focusing on Europe. Indeed, customers of Algeria are Italy with $4.779 billion and a market share of 16.55% of exports of the country. Spain comes second with $3.562 billion, followed by the United States ($3.227 billion) and France ($3.192 billion). Tunisia is 12th with $610 million, Morocco 13th with $589, Singapore 14th with $542 million and India 15th with $511 million closes this ranking.  For the 2016 official figures, exports [. . .]

Political and Social Inter-mediation in Algeria

Or How to avoid State – Citizen Confrontation.
In reference to the Algerian media, the situation subsequent to long entrenched and deep morality corrosion ought to be considered without pre-conceived ideas so as to concretely respond to its challenges. The time is counted for any Political and Social Inter-mediation in Algeria; the country has a break of three years, but it is possible only through the development of a clear strategy. It is in fact before the urgency of a renewal of the Central and Local governance. Avoiding any reference to organic intellectuals at the orders, as per Gramsci, philosopher, counterproductive for the regime itself, the reestablishment of the State must enter the actual trends of Algerian society in mutation. The strengthening of the rule of law becomes more urgent when we know that the democratization of institutions and empowerment will encourage the emergence of new identities that are believed to be dead and that require control of a State and a strong power of its legitimacy and credibility of its jurisdiction. The rebuilding of the State, [. . .]

New Year’s Top 5 Energy Trends

Dr Walid Fayad and Dr Adham Sleiman of Booz Allen Hamilton MENA wrote about the New Year’s Top 5 energy trends and an article that was published by TradeArabia 4 days ago in Dubai is republished here. Booz Allen Hamilton have yet to publish their research on the web but the 2016 equivalent could be viewed here. Top 5 energy sector trends for 2017 Change continues to be the defining feature of the global energy sector in 2017. In the oil and gas industry, as well as in electric power, major internal and external forces are driving change, requiring industry leaders to revisit strategies. In oil & gas, 2016 was a year of continued overproduction. The resulting oil inventory overhang finally had an effect in reducing US shale production, but did little to spur demand that’s needed to bring the global market into balance. In the Middle East, a prolonged period of low oil price has impacted government spending but the move toward economic diversification and [. . .]

The Anglo-American Economic Leadership

Chatham House website produced this article on 21 December 2016. It questions the Anglo-American Economic Leadership and predicts it to be very likely to become actual in this new year 2017. It is reproduced here so as to perhaps help enrich this debate further. The picture above is of an American bald eagle model gifted to Margaret Thatcher by Ronald Reagan in front of a photograph of Thatcher. Photo by Getty Images. The Demise of Anglo-American Economic Leadership By Dr Robin Niblett CMG, Director, Chatham House Britain and the US have abdicated their roles as champions of economic liberalization. Since the time of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, countries around the world have followed America and Britain’s economic example – privatizing, de-regulating and opening up their economies to foreign trade and investment, sometimes known as the ‘Anglo-Saxon model’. Now, Britain’s vote to leave the EU and the election of Donald Trump as [. . .]

Dr Mebtoul talks to American Herald Tribune

“Any Destabilization of Algeria would have Geo-strategic Repercussions on all the Mediterranean and African Space” stated Dr Mebtoul talking to American Herald Tribune‘s Mohsen Abdelmoumen, journalist in an extensive interview published on 28th December 2016. American Herald Tribune is a genuinely independent online media outlet. AHTribune is dedicated to strengthening and supporting independent journalism, and to improving the public’s access to independent information sources. Here are some excerpts but the whole interview could be accessed in its original setting.
Mohsen Abdelmoumen: We are following your work for a long time. For the economist that you are, does Algeria respect international commitments?
Dr Abdulrahmane Mebtoul: You are referring to the Association Agreement signed on September 1st, 2015. For Algeria, speaking through [. . .]