On A Wing And A Prayer

“Are you a passenger on this flight, Madame?”

I looked wearily up from the laden luggage cart I was pushing in the direction of the departure gate to see an airport employee looking at me enquiringly. Shaking my head, I turned the cart around and started back up the long incline to the main airport hall.

Barriers Versus Smugglers: Algeria and Morocco’s Battle for Border Security

Terrorism, weapons smuggling, drug and human trafficking, and migration flows are driving many North African countries to bolster their border defenses. Current tactics include building miles of trenches, barriers, and fences, as well as employing sophisticated drones and surveillance technology. But will they be effective and at what cost? A close study to answer this […]

Common, Comprehensive Approach to International Migration

Marcia Vera Espinoza, Queen Mary University of London; Leila Hadj-Abdou, European University Institute, and Leiza Brumat, European University Institute elaborated this article on increasingly idea that population movements like for any commodity could well be negotiated between supply and demand. Global Compact for Migration: what is it and why are countries opposing it? The Global […]

Overpopulation and its effect on the Environment

Rebecca Laycock Pedersen, Keele University and David P. M. Lam, Leuphana University suggest that ‘overpopulation’ could be discussed sensitively.  For this, 3 key points are advised to bear in mind when encountering such issues of overpopulation and its effect on the environment. Here there are. ‘Overpopulation’ and the environment: three ideas on how to discuss […]

Arab women outnumber men in pursuing university degrees, but . . .

Arab women outnumber men in pursuing university degrees, but . . .

This article was written by Kelly Ommundsen, Community Lead, Digital Economy and Society System Initiative, World Economic Forum and Khaled Kteily, Founder and CEO, Legacy posted on the World Economic Forum of July 21, 2018, does bring to the fore only what has been happening throughout the MENA region’s diverse youth. Urbanised as never before, […]