Indians, Pakistanis most interested in UAE property

It is no surprise that in this article (see below) of ConstructionWeekonline, there is no hint anywhere that Indians, Pakistanis most interested in UAE property investments make up the most significant percentage of the populations of the respective GCC countries. Since the advent of oil, the Persian Gulf countries have generally turned into modern states […]

UAE expat remittances reach $35 Billion in 9 months

The United Arab Emirates’ expatriate workers transfer a large portion of their earnings to their families back home. This article of Gulf News published on December 14, 2017 and narrated by Cleofe Maceda, Senior Web Reporter dwells on this segment of the financial life of that country. The same, by the way, goes on in all neighbouring […]

In the Gulf region, Business was as usual and . . .

This past week in the Gulf region, business was as usual and life generally carried on unperturbed by the now well settled in lower price of oil and the well publicised blockade of Qatar by its nearest neighbours. Here are some snapshots amongst the very few of importance as compared to those coming out of the rest of the MENA’s and the Arab World.
Indeed, Saudi Arabia appears now to be failing on its 2 open fronts of Yemen and Qatar. In the latter, it failed to entirely bring its geopolitical rival to heed by cutting off its access to food, funding and fuel.  It even managed to effectively turn Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund from a globe-trotting buyer to a domestic . . . .