Climate Change Is Changing the Politics of Climate Change

While the COP24 has gathered some of the world’s leaders, Expert Blog of The Natural Resources Defense Council (NDRC) posted the following article signed David Doniger to yet again bring to our attention the now fast becoming a hot subject of the earth’s climate change. Climate Change Is Changing the Politics of Climate Change November […]

Indians, Pakistanis most interested in UAE property

It is no surprise that in this article (see below) of ConstructionWeekonline, there is no hint anywhere that Indians, Pakistanis most interested in UAE property investments make up the most significant percentage of the populations of the respective GCC countries. Since the advent of oil, the Persian Gulf countries have generally turned into modern states […]

Impact of Social Media on Traditional Tribal Justice

Impact of Social Media on Traditional Tribal Justice

Facebook and feuds – the impact of social media on traditional tribal justice in Jordan Geoffrey Hughes, University of Exeter There is a saying among Jordan’s Bedouin tribesmen that “prison is loss”. Victims of violence in rural Jordan have told me that they do not want the perpetrator to face prison – but rather the […]

Challenges of 2018, 2020 & 2030 Algeria: Reform

The challenges of 2018, 2020 & 2030 Algeria: reform of the political system and economic transition would be a dialectical link between politics and economics where social forces inevitably carry any project, often with different interests. In a democracy, it is through the ballot box that the political minority submits to the will of the […]

Algeria’s challenges facing its population pressure

The analysis of demographics in some countries, often forgotten in many studies, raises the issue of both development and national security. Because without sustainable development, it eventually could constitute a real social time-bomb. Algeria’s challenges facing its population pressure getting more acute every year will have to be addressed and at the earliest. Whilst the […]

Today living in the Century of Regeneration

Medium’s AGE OF AWARENESS hosted an article of Daniel Christian Wahl, Educator, speaker, strategic advisor — PhD Design for Sustainability, MSc Holistic Science, BSc Biol. Sciences; author of ‘Designing Regenerative Cultures’ about how we, rather than anything else, are today living in the Century of Regeneration. Beyond Sustainability? — We are living in the Century of Regeneration.   Valuing […]