MENA fast growing youth segment is dominant

The MENA region is made of a variety of countries with in each one there is a variety of “people of many creeds and cultures” and for some differing ethnicity that go historically back for millennia.  These countries do however meet in that, the MENA fast growing youth segment is dominant, increasingly university educated and […]

Saudi Arabia to Make an Entertainment City

“ Saudi Arabia To Make An Entertainment City That Will Be Bigger Than The Maldives ”, announced Destination KSA  The BBC  announced on 8 April 2017 in its Middle East section that : Saudi Arabia has unveiled plans for an entertainment city on the edge of Riyadh which will be 50 times the size of […]

Democracy in the Fourth Revolution

In this article written by Maëlle Gavet, COO of Compass and published by the WEF of Tuesday 7 February 2017. It is question of Democracy in the fourth revolution and how authorities in any given state ought to fulfill their mission, i.e. :
To regulate: pass laws, preserve and protect democracy; to “redistribute” so as to uphold a social contract with its citizens;
to invest in critical infrastructure and non-market projects; to protect all citizens and uphold the rule of law above all.
That was the way it was up until [ . . . ]

5 years to change how we Learn, Earn and Care

Saadia Zahidi in perhaps one of her most commendable contributions to the WEF, states here that times are a-changing and that it is up to us to adapt our systems of education, care, etc. so as to maximise our chances of a better future. For that we have only 5 years to change how we learn, earn and care or even perhaps less than that. We may have less than 5 years to change how we learn, earn and care January 4, 2016 Over the course of the last year, at World Economic Forum and elsewhere, I have asked participants two questions. First I ask for a show of hands on whether they feel confident about their current skills taking them through to the end of their careers – about one in five raise their hands. Then I ask if they feel confident about advising their children on their education to prepare for their own futures: none raises their hand. These are some of the most knowledgeable, leading figures in the world and yet they, like many of us, are uncertain about what the future of labour markets looks like. [. . .]

Leadership Priorities in Year 2017

Written by Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum and Regular Author and published on Monday 2 January 2017 is this article that is as it were a reminder of the leadership fragility with respect to be able to foresee the future of a society, country or organisation of any significance. Dr A. Mebtoul disserted at length on the subject and his last contribution that was on Morality of Leaders as factor of stability concerned as per the title of his essay on Algeria’s leaders morality of rather the now obvious lack of it. Leadership priorities in year 2017 would naturally at this conjecture be on everyone’s mind, especially of those in the MENA region. Five leadership priorities for 2017 As the past year has demonstrated, leaders must be responsive to the demands of the people who have entrusted them to lead, while also providing a vision and a way forward, so that people can imagine a better future. True leadership in a complex, uncertain, and anxious world requires leaders to [. . .]