Primacy of Knowledge and good Governance in the World

Two 2018 reports dealing with Human Development that do not give the same results (certainly using different methods of calculation) were published. It is that of the UNDP and recently on 11 October 2018 that of the World Bank. These two reports show the urgency of adapting to the new global geo-strategic mutations, the world being […]

Support for a Rules-based International Order

In a recent speech, the UK foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt, stressed that Britain needs to strengthen its support for a rules-based international order, saying there will be a price to pay for countries that do not share the UK’s values and frequently cross geopolitical red lines. Hunt was of course referring to Russia, but he […]

Impartiality and Justice or lack of them in Palestine

The creation of Israel as a nation-state resulted in an unprecedented movement in all directions of populations.  One of these would be the exile of nearly all indigenous peoples that are until today facing the most complex and harsh challenges.  The Palestine refugee communities have been looked after and kept alive by a wide array […]

Saudi Arabia’s ‘liberal’ Crown Prince, one year after

FOX BUSINESS of June 21st, 2017 reported that “The new crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, is the elderly monarch’s 31-year old son and minister of defence. The young man, after having reached the ultimate power in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia set about to implement an ambitious economic agenda to reduce Saudi Arabia’s dependence on […]

Saudi Arabia lifted its ban on women driving: economic necessity

The real reason Saudi Arabia lifted its ban on women driving: economic necessity Martin Hvidt, University of Southern Denmark After years of campaigning by women activists, on June 24 the ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia will be lifted. It is the most visible of a bundle of recent initiatives taken by the Saudi […]

Mauritania arrests anti-slavery activists

  Slavery is still alive in Mauritania. Can a new court ruling help change that? wondered The Washington Post last February. So Mauritania arrests anti-slavery activists would not come as a surprise. Or should it in this day and age? Here is a rendering of the Middle East Monitor of today. Amnesty International has accused […]