Sahara Green again, thanks to deployments of all Renewables

 Alona Armstrong, of Lancaster University, answered her own question below with the prospect of a Sahara Green again, thanks to deployments of all Renewables hardwares  . Massive solar and wind farms could bring vegetation back to the Sahara   Picture of Juanjo Tugores / shutterstock Switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy is an important […]

How to Recycle all that Urban Mess

At a time where most countries of the MENA region are facing increasing trouble in their tidying up their environment, here is the UK, once again spearheading yet an other revolution. That of how to recycle all that urban mess. Countries as far apart as those of the Gulf to those of the Maghreb not […]

Filter turning Saltwater into Freshwater Upgrade

This article is significant news in the MENA region; the most water-scarce region in the world, where desalination plants are for some time now ‘run of the mill’ urban furniture.  An improvement in the filtering membrane would have a financial impact on the running costs of these plants. It could encourage the inception of more […]

Urbanisation Trends and the ensuing Acceleration of . . .

There is no doubt that urbanisation trends and the ensuing acceleration of . . . lifestyle of many had a definite bearing on life on earth generally. The causes could perhaps be attributed to the recent additional availability of high earnings in the developing world’s peoples, and this had a direct impact if only by […]

Gulf Arab neighbours Footballing away any Compromise

Simon Chadwick, Professor of Sports Enterprise, University of Salford explains how the still on-going dispute between the Arab Gulf neighbours not only endures but manages to affect every aspect of their respective life. We did previously dwell, as in Saudi Arabia’s standoff with Qatar continues, on the issue that is more of a financial affair […]

Climate Change Fast Growing Threat to World Heritage

The MENA region with its heavy historical background stands very vulnerable to Climate Change Fast Growing Threat. It is elaborated on by the Union of Concerned Scientists’ Adam Markham, deputy director and published in their Climate & Energy Program on July 3, 2018.  Climate Change fast growing threat to World Heritage would at this stage be […]

An Antarctic iceberg into the Arab-Persian Gulf

GULF BUSINESS informed that a UAE company intends to tow an Antarctic iceberg into the Gulf. It announced recently that it will cherry pick an iceberg free of charge from the South Pole neighbourhood and bring it across the Equator and into the Arab-Persian Gulf and at a reasonable cost. The reasons are as per […]