Britain’s electricity away from fossil fuels

Britain has shifted 30% of its electricity away from fossil fuels in just nine years By Joe Dunckley / shutterstock Grant Wilson, University of Birmingham and Iain Staffell, Imperial College London Nine years ago, Britain generated nearly 75% of its electricity using natural gas and coal. In 2018, this dropped to under 45% – a […]

Algeria’s Gold reserves virtually unchanged since 2008

Algeria’s gold reserves virtually unchanged since 2008, according to the World Gold Council report 2017 where it is shown that the gold reserves held by Algeria are 174 tonnes the World Gold Council, a very slight increase compared to the period 2008/2017. In several contributions on this subject between 2009 and 2017, I had estimated […]

The myth of raw materials as a Miracle for Development

Several television shows and some dailies, between 2016 and 2017, have got me worried. These involved some so-called experts who affirmed, without restraint and without numerical analysis, that from the exports of phosphate, and / or iron ore in their crude or semi-crude condition, or cement, the country might earn sufficient revenues. Could Algeria currently […]

Algeria and its illusory raw material annuity

The Minister of Energy whilst proceeding with the installation of an inter-sectorial Steering Committee of the mega-partnership project for phosphate exploitation and the development of petrochemical industries, said in a communiqué that this will enable Algeria to “become a global exporter of phosphate fertilizers and its derivatives”. This contribution is about Algeria and its illusory […]

The new ‘Renewable Superpowers’

There is a worldwide gradual and irrevocable change in all energy sources procurement. This is so obvious that a new world order is consequently being established before our very eyes.  Andrew Barron, of Swansea University brings our attention to the new ‘Renewable Superpowers’ that are nations that took steps in that direction much earlier than […]

ENOR the Algerian gold mining Company is Profitable

The Minister of Industry and Mines has declared on February 8th, 2018 that Algeria’s held gold reserves are 173 tons, as unchanged from 2009, but with a decrease in the production of ENOR, the state-owned gold mining company in 2017, by more than 800 kg compared to 2008/2010. For purposes of answering whether ENOR the […]