Jeddah Tower: The World’s Tallest Building in 2020

A Looming Catastrophe: Power Grid Collapse Now In Sight in New York” by a gust blogger on how many staff people at various utility services such as DPS, DEC, and NYISO who know this is going to end badly.” Could perhaps be some sort of premonition for Jeddah Tower: The World’s Tallest Building in 2020. The […]

Would the world’s tallest tower be in Saudi Arabia?

The chances that oil prices will again reach $147 a barrel, as it was in 2008, are minimal. And to make it worse for all OPEC and non-OPEC members, the great equaliser that US Shale oil has lately become, has brought about the now familiar boom and bust pattern in the world oil markets. Many […]

Why Balfour Beatty’s leaving the UAE ?

Balfour Beatty, UK’s biggest building firm, decided to sell its operations to a local firm for $13.7 million as reported by GULFNEWS Property at a time when Dubai property investors are advised to not be in any rush to sell their assets right now because they might end up making much less than anticipated. Was Balfour Beatty’s decision to leave the UAE due to [ . . . ]

The Construction of Tall Buildings Industry in the GCC

In our previous article on Architecture of Tall Buildings published on April 13, 2015, we elaborated on this segment of the construction of tall buildings industry in the GCC and its evolution. Far from questioning the ‘raison d’etre’ or the real need for such structures, we would like to make here as close to reality a statement of what has been achieved on the ground last year. Indeed, in 2016, a record of 128 buildings were completed worldwide, according to the the Chicago-based council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH)’s Year in Review: Tall Trends of 2016. It says : While Africa has yet to see a 200-meter-plus completion since 1973, the Middle East ended the year, for the second time, with nine such completions. This continues a steady trend of completions in the region, but pales in comparison to its all-time high of 23 in 2011, a spike that was attributed to a global post-recession recovery in tall building construction. 2016 was the first year since 2006 that the Middle East has not seen the completion of a supertall (300-plus-meter) building, but one should be wary of assuming that this is indicative of a regional swing away from the supertall height threshold. Optimistic projections show as many as [ . . . ]