Climate Change is a global injustice

Climate change is a global injustice. A new study shows why. The US is second only to India when it comes to the economic cost of global warming. By Umair Irfan Sep 26, 2018, 3:40pm EDT   All efforts to fight climate change face the money test: Are the benefits of stopping global warming — […]

Egypt to build a solar park in Aswan

Farah Tawfeek on September 16, 2018 wrote about Egypt to build a solar park in Aswan, would be a follow on the one in Benban that is soon to be the most significant and possibly the biggest solar installation in the world.  It will provide Egypt with clean energy that it needs. This solar park will […]

Insights into MSW-to-Energy

For towns and villages, the world over, municipal solid waste (MSW), often called garbage, is commonly used to produce energy at waste-to-energy plants and at landfills, but only in a few countries.  Emily Folk elaborated this article dated September 15, 2018 to give us some Insights into MSW-to-Energy  and how it all works.  So, after […]

Moving people away from some coastal areas

Climate change: we need to start moving people away from some coastal areas, warns scientist Jaroslav Moravcik/ Luciana Esteves, Bournemouth University We are all too familiar with images of flooding in low lying areas after heavy rainfall or houses destroyed by coastal erosion after a storm. For an increasing number of people, coastal flooding and […]

How to Recycle all that Urban Mess

At a time where most countries of the MENA region are facing increasing trouble in their tidying up their environment, here is the UK, once again spearheading yet an other revolution. That of how to recycle all that urban mess. Countries as far apart as those of the Gulf to those of the Maghreb not […]

Water challenges in the Middle East and North Africa region

A Question and Answer with Pasquale Steduto in this World Water Week concern all matters of Water challenges in the Middle East and North Africa region . Solutions to water challenges in the Middle East and North Africa region   The Middle East and North Africa is the world’s most water-scarce region and the situation […]