Cement is a major contributor to Climate Change

As a key input into concrete, the most widely used construction material in the world, cement is a major contributor to climate change . The chemical and thermal combustion processes involved in the production of cement are a large source of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Each year, more than 4 billion tonnes of cement are produced, accounting for around 8 per cent […]

India Increased Its Massive 2022 Renewable Energy Target

Almost all countries in the MENA region with of course the oil exporting ones at the front, adopted some policy about installing renewable energy and planned for it, each in its own way. Some are in implementing their schemes,  more successful than others, but none took decidedly the lead. Now that renewable energy makes sense […]

Right decisions for Renewables progress

Technical News Middle East saying that the ‘ GCC must make right decisions for renewables progress ’ in an article dated Thursday, 07 June 2018 06:17 elaborated on how the GCC states show great promise for renewable energy deployment and to unlock this potential, GCC governments must develop a carefully planned framework and make careful decisions. […]

The World faces a looming “Cold Crunch”

The IEA in its report “The Future of Cooling” foreword explains that the world faces a looming “cold crunch”. Using air conditioners and electric fans to stay cool accounts for nearly 20% of the total electricity used in buildings around the world today. And this trend is set to grow as the world’s economic and […]

Can a city ever be truly ‘carbon neutral’?

It is well known that all MENA governments are increasingly turning towards renewables to generate power for their energy hungry population. Not surprisingly, this included even the oil-exporter countries of the Gulf. The shift begun with various campaigns in favour of green buildings and solar amongst the many trending ‘in things’ that smart technology developments […]

Double-Pane Solar Windows That Generate Electricity

Per Green Match there is massive competitiveness in the solar power market. Emerging giants like China and India. These two are the biggest polluters and global leaders in solar power station development. This sheer competitiveness will lead to lower prices for solar panels and more efficient storage solutions.  All these developments will ultimately seep through […]