On A Wing And A Prayer

“Are you a passenger on this flight, Madame?”

I looked wearily up from the laden luggage cart I was pushing in the direction of the departure gate to see an airport employee looking at me enquiringly. Shaking my head, I turned the cart around and started back up the long incline to the main airport hall.

Turning Algeria Into a Necrocracy

Originally posted on Astute News:
Let us now praise famous men.?Abdelaziz Bouteflika, for example. What goes on in his comatose brain? What moves in the 82-year old heart of the zombie president who – as the Algerians?protesting his fifth attempt at presidential power have just discovered?– will now stay on as a coffin-leader into next…

Barriers Versus Smugglers: Algeria and Morocco’s Battle for Border Security

Terrorism, weapons smuggling, drug and human trafficking, and migration flows are driving many North African countries to bolster their border defenses. Current tactics include building miles of trenches, barriers, and fences, as well as employing sophisticated drones and surveillance technology. But will they be effective and at what cost? A close study to answer this […]

Local elections of November 23rd, 2017 (Part II)

Reconcile the State with the Citizen to meet the social demand. In continuation to our Local elections of November 23rd, 2017 (Part I), here is Part II in which we would try to propose that the non-exhaustive inventory of the daily gloom of the citizen, gives all its strategic meaning to the scientific knowledge of […]

Local elections of November 23rd, 2017 (Part I)

Urgency of a strategic vision articulating the functions of the State, Local Authorities and the Market The purpose of this contribution is to analyse the impact of the political parties on the mobilization of the population in the light of the results of the last legislative elections of May 4th, 2017 and to query their […]

The idea of resorting in anticipation to the IMF

The weekly column of El Kadi Ihsane on El Watan of October 30, 2017, reveals a surprising debate that is not yet public on how to engage the reforms that would prevent Algeria from another economic trap. Republished on Maghreb Emergent of November 3rd, it obviously tracks the financial uphill struggle of an oil exports […]

November 1st, 1954 from the people standpoint

One has said and continues to say much on that date. But it seems to me that something was not expressed, at least not sufficiently and not clearly. So, I shall try to make my modest contribution on November 1st, 1954 from the people standpoint . It is not that of a historian nor that […]