Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt was the preeminent civilization in North Africa, the Mediterranean and Middle East for nearly 3,000 years, from 3100 BC to 332 BC. The River Nile’s predictable flooding along with controlled irrigation systems allowed for flourishing agriculture (primarily wheat and barley) and large food surpluses, and subsequently, denser populations, and much social, cultural and…

Changing The Migration Horizon From North Africa To Europe

Changing The Migration Horizon From North Africa To Europe posted this interesting view on all migration from and/or through North Africa towards Europe whose future looks as if it could be decided in North Africa. The potential impact of Algeria’s current political instability would not only the country and the region but also Europe. New leadership is coming into power at the European […]

Libya’s Never Ending Civil War…or Is It?

Originally posted on Astute News:
Ghassan Salame, the UN’s point man for Libya began his analysis and brief to the Security Council last week by emphasising that the armed conflict in Libya “shows no signs of abating”. He added “The war around Tripoli has already left nearly 1100 dead, including 106 civilians. Hundreds of thousands…


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Climate change is real and uncertain. It plays a great impact on the environment and our lives. Most of the people aren’t aware of what climate change is due to unreliable sources or lack of misinformation. But we do know what global warming is all about. Global warming is one…