Tunisians are African and Black: A Wake-up Call for Coexistence! Africans Facing Racism in Tunisia Because of a Firm Policy Against Undocumented Immigrants and a Misleading Speech.

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Abib, Sierra Leone’s immigrant helping a friend’s child while camping in front of UN building in Tunisia

Along with many of his friends and neighbors, Abib had to spend days and nights in front of the UN building (IOM).

A calm fancy neighborhood next to Tunis Lake turns into a refugee camp for many, they were using only a few black plastic bags and some blankets that were given by the locals.

Those immigrants did not come from far though, some of them just moved from their warm apartments in Cite Mansoura, Ariana which is hardly10 kilometers away.

A racist attack started on the night of February 21st, after a presidential speech during a National Security Council meeting, stating that there is a conspiracy that was set to change Tunisia’s demographic composition, by ‘allowing’ immigrants from sub-Saharan African countries.

These ‘Africans’ as Tunisians called them, were kicked out from their…

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