Happy Anniversary, The Algerian Goldfinch

Mackneen, The Algerian Goldfinch

It’s Spring, like the season then, twelve years ago. Time flies, like a bird. On this day, twelve years ago, I created this blog and I gave it a name: Mackneen,The Algerian Goldfinch.

On that day I went to Algiers for a visit to my mother, and to my parents house situated in the suburbs in the heights of Algiers, at a bird fly from there.
Circumstances were, this small leafy town where I spent my childhood was known for its name and the goldfinch, and it became famous for it forests, vineyards, and orchards where it became a gateway for picnicking to the city dwellers and most of all for poachers and bird breeding and aficionados for bird pets. The Algerian Goldfinch, El Mackneen, was a title of a song that was written by El Baji, a Chaâbi singer and song writer that he wrote in prison during the…

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